Wednesday, April 2, 2008

College of the Dead Part 10

"Damn, I lost one knife " say X.

"Don't worry, I get you a new one for your birthday" say S.

"We need to stop wasting time fighting these zombies and go directly to the source of the contamination"

So X and S move forward towards the inner tunnel of the man hole.

S look at the PDA and says "The source of the contamination is about 1 mile from here".

So X and S walked through the dark tunnel carefully until they reach the unholy water source that cause the contamination of the zombies.

"There's the source X, be careful, the water is dangerous", says S

"I don't get it, you are supposed to drink the water, only then you will turn into a zombie, how did the contamination spread without people drinking it?" says X

"That's true lets look around" say S.

"Look at the root of the trees, its immerse in the water, maybe the tree absorbed the water and transferred it to the fruits" say X.

"Maybe, what tree is that?" asked S

"That's a durian tree"

"Ah, I see some people eat durians yesterday, maybe the effect takes longer as its not directly drinking the water"

"That might be another reason" S said while pointing to a water pipe immersed in the unholy water.

"These people should be careful with the pipes, imaging what will happen if the pipe burst"

"So how do we stop this contamination? did you bring the Potion?" asked X

"yup, just add it the water right" said S.

S took out a curious looking vile and poured the pink solution into the water. That should work.

"What about the zombies" asked S.

"That one you have to take care of manually"

"And if the potion fail to cure the college?"

"Then we have no choice but to nuke the college"

to be continued ...

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Anonymous said...

Right, the typical American solution: just NUKE them! =.=

By the way, the second line is such downright open hint for birthday present.

Would that be tantamount to a bribe if your students took the hint? ;p