Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today is a holiday and today is also the first day of exam. I got 2 slots to guard today, 12-2 pm and 4-7 pm. Wonderful T.T

This is where the exam is being held

Not bad eh? The students are all taking the English test and now I know how Mr Brown feels. Trying to get them to sign the attendance slip. They do not know what is a signature until I have to take out my bank card to show them what is a signature. @.@. I think all the English lecturers must have a very high level of patient. (i know its patience :P)

Then my lunch. Damn, price of noodle is going up soon.

Then second round 4-7 pm. My assistant is a part timer, he say he is called as there is not enough people. I think not enough people wanna work Saturday evening la >.<

Finished work and go BJ Complex. Compared to Queensbay which feels classy, BJ got the mean street feel with all the cd shops ^^. Walked arount but did not see any interesting cd so ate mt dinner and went back. There was this hip hop dance competition in front of BJ but not my taste la :P

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frozeH said...

why it so small compare with last time some more no good "view".in BJ u get to buy many many CD,but in QB u get to eat many many good food?