Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Closure of the mess that started long ago...


Does my new specs make me look different??

This year

Last year

2 years ago

Monday, March 29, 2010


Today I woke up at 7 am because I need to go to town to pay my credit card bills. Was supposed to go yesterday but I got re-routed by heavy rain, so I ended up at Queensay. Took some picture of the weather cause I think its beautiful..

Faces from Final Year Project

Got more pictures from the Final Year Project presentation..this one not taken by me.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am writing a new book

I am sure this book will be a bestseller when it is ready. I just made the front cover first..

Neko again

After the project presentation, I went back to my hometown for a while..Some pictures of my cat..

Final Year Project Presentation

Date: 27-03-10
Time: From 9.00 am
Location: Multipurpose Hall

Today is the project presentation for Engineering students (Diploma). IT students don't worry, your time will come soon...

Ultrasonic Range Finder that can measure distance..

A hand writing robot..

Wireless house alarm using Zigbee (like Bluetooth, but less used here)

Maze solving robot using left turn algorithm

Pulse rate monitor.

Jackpot machine using led and pic.

Mr Chan in action..ha ha

A lot of people come and see the presentation too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Luck in your Final Project Presentation

Tomorrow is the Final YearProject presentation for the Engineering students. Good luck to all of them..

I'll be waiting..ha ha

Ip Man 2

I definitely wanna see this movie when it is here...

FYP raping you??

FYP stands for final year project. Either you want to obtain a diploma, degree or even master, you need to do a final year project.

I saw a funny message in messenger when I sign in today...FYP raping me. Duhh, if you start doing your project like two weeks before deadline, its not the FYP is raping you, you are SCREWING yourself ok.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black Dynamite

A great Blacksploitation movie, Black Dynamite. Actually its a 2009 movie but they give it the 70s feel...

Black Dynamite is a love machine...

A kung fu expert..

And carries a big gun..

When his younger brother is killed by some people who are distributing illegal drugs and alcohol on the streets, Black Dynamite investigates his death.

And kicks a lot of ass in the process..

Woo, nunchaku fighting...

Which leads him to the mastermind, Dr Wu, and they had kung fu fighting...

Dr Wu..

Feel my mantis claw..

He discovered a conspiracy to bring down the black people, which bring him face to face with the true mastermind...

President Nixon!!!!!!!

And they had kung fu fighting again....

Nixon wields a nunchaku too...

Nunchaku battle

Black Dynamite beats Nixon and threaten him with the real secret behind the Watergate scandal..

Where there is injustice, Black Dynamite will fight the injustice..

Damn, now I feel like getting Bell Bottom checkered pants....