Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland costume competition..

There was an "Alice in Wonderland" costume competition today. I missed last week's kids version competition because of open day, but I will not miss today's competition.

The poster said it starts at 2, but nothing yet at 2 so I had to wait. Typical Malaysian time >.< Finally around 2.40, there are some backstage activity.

Eh, is there a Boba Fett in "Alice in Wonderland"??? More on this mysterious guy later.

First, they go for a walk around Queensbay.

Then only the competition start, Boba Fett is actually one of the judges. He is one of the famous cosplayer in Penang, but I did't recognize him cause he was wearing a helmet..ha ha

The competition...

All the clothes are borrowed from USM museum...

First place winner, the Mad Hatter

Second place, The White Queen

Another White Queen.

Third place winner.

At this point I would like to rant, a lot of people know how to make babies but don't know how to take care of them. Please take care of your child and not let her run around the stage. My shot is totally ruined >.<


Dumbo, the Sojourning Elephant said...

Was that first White Queen a dude? o.O

SMS said...

Not sure. But I did get same thought as you when I saw "her"...