Monday, March 8, 2010

RVD & Batista do a movie...

Yet another 2 wrestlers are into the acting business, blame it on the Rock, but at least he does good movies like the rundown and scorpion king. Before that there was Hulk Hogan but that was way back in the 90, remember Santa with muscles..shudder..



RVD plays an ex-marine that accidentally killed a mobster's brother while defending his wife. Wait a minute, let me count the tendencies of wrestlers acting as ex-marines.
1. John Cena - The Marine
2. Ted Dibiase - The Marine 2.
Might as well call this movie, The Marine 3.

Another thing, why must they be ex-marine, can't they be ex-lecturer disillusioned by the so called money sucking education "industry", to retire, only to spring back in action, using all his knife skills. ahem...clears throat.

Ok, back to the story, so the mobster put a 100000 dollars bounty on his head. To fight off the bad guys, RVD get helps from another ex-marine (see, see) pal, Batista.

Al least he knows how to hold a gun properly

Umm, I only hold the gun like that if the gun sensor is busted.

Good grief, that's not how you would hold a knife in a knife fight.

Dave. please leave all the close quarter combat to Steven Seagal :P

Avoid this movie, unless you are qurious about RVD and Batista's acting....

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