Sunday, July 31, 2011

The last Sunday

Its the last Sunday before I start my new job, so go walk around and clear my head for the last time. Destination is Gurney.. Just looking around, but a lot of people are buying stuff for Raya which is like next month. We will only start fasting tomorrow, but still, people are already preparing for Raya.

As usual, every festive season, there will be decorations at the shopping complex. Gurney started early with the Raya decoration, Queensbay has none yet.
 In conjunction with the Malaysia Sales too.
What's the connection between the "Wau Bulan" and Raya?
 I'll guess tomorrow is decision time whether to buy a new notebook or not.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Making decision..

Its hard to make decision in life because we do not know whether our decision is right or wrong.


Two More Days

Still using my old pc. By Monday, I will know whether to buy a new notebook or not. So bear with me for two more days.

Been getting some weird dreams lately. One night I dream that I was accompanying my late mother with her students visiting Penang. My mother has left me for 15 years, God bless her soul, and in my dream, she is as what I always remembered her as. :) 

Then I dream I was driving downhill with my car lights off, must be from Initial D.
And the best was, I dream that Hillary Clinton visited the college. We were talking and then the secret service found a bomb and was poking it. I was like, no, stop poking the

Most of my students will be going for industrial placement this coming September, so I would like to wish them all the best. And for the final year students, good luck in your project presentation..

The fasting month is coming soon, and I see people start hanging the Hari Raya decoration. Oh, come on, its not even the fasting month yet.

I have many things to say, but I don't have the tongue for it now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The story so far

It has been a week since I left my job, and what did I do since then? Well, I only will start my job next week so I am still free.

Last Thursday - Marking exam papers, had lunch with my student at Siam Express, the food was nice if not for the part where we bit the "cili padi", play new character in Tekken, Bryan who uses kickboxing moves..

Last Friday - Had lunch with my student at Secret Recipe E-Gate at 3pm. Had black pepper mutton pie and chocolate lava.. Hang out at Queensbay until late.
Last Saturday - Finally watched Harry Potter at Queensbay. Looking for a new shoes, considering Converse, but had a change of heart. I still want to buy Onitsuka but its a bit expensive, and I am not working Had dinner at Sushi King if not mistaken..

Last Sunday - Another day at Queensbay, still considering whether to get that Converse shoes. The salesguy must be sweating now. Finally finished marking the exams papers. All pass, and did my final report.

Monday - Returned the exam papers, plus all the company assets, including the notebook, so now I am stuck with this old pc. Still considering which notebook to buy. Had lunch with my students at Breeks again =.=

Tuesday - Went to Gurney to walk around, then pay my bills and end up at Queensbay again. More Tekken carnage follows. Bryan got kicked by Devil Jin, until I swapped back to the character I am most familiar with, King.Met Anwar, and we had a chat plus coffee, remembering what a nice place our ex-company used to be until someone messed it up. A sad thing really.

Wednesday - I was sleeping and dreaming of drifting downhill with my lights off, when suddenly my phone rang. My student asked me whether I want to eat the new kfc breakfast set. Since I am already up so what the heck. Actually, I was supposed to go in the afternoon to have lunch with someone, but end up there early..ha ha. Lunch is at Breeks again. If tomorrow someone says Breeks again, I am gonna tombstone them.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to service my car, and later go Queensbay, if I can make it. Hopefully the repair does not take long, since I booked them at 8.30 am.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please bear with me

I am now taking a break before starting my new job. And I am in the process of getting a new notebook, therefore the blog update might be a bit slow. The monitor of the computer I am using currently is spoil, and is very blur. I thought of getting a new monitor, but the price is like 1/3 price of a new notebook, so forget about that.

Most probably, I will; get a new notebook by this Thursday, so bear with me if the updates are a bit slow this two days.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Karate Girl

Karate Girl is a 2011 Japanese martial arts movie that I would like to recommend to people who love them.
 It stars Rina Takeda, who is a real life Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate champion.
 Ayaka Kurenai
And co-starring Tobimatsu Hina, a 14 years old karate expert.
Sakura Kurenai 

The storyline is very simple, Ayaka and Sakura's father is a karate expert, until an evil organization  tried to take his black belt, causing his death, but not before he crippled the big boss. In the process Ayaka and Sakura got separated. 

Years later, Ayaka lived under an assumed identity until she was forced to show her skills.
Meanwhile the organization that killed Ayaka's father is now training karate assassins.
Including her sister Sakura.
An attack on a dojo forced Ayaka to act.
She defeated the attackers, and Sakura remembered the moved and confronted her later.
When Sakura was captured by the organization, Ayaka had to act.
Sakura is not that weak and managed to escape.
So the stage for the battle is set.
The big karate guy who works for the organization.
In the end, the sisters are reunited.
A nice movie to watch since they don't use cgi, just real karate moves.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Life after Inti

It has been two days since I left Inti, but I still have some last attachment to it, simply because I am still marking the last exam paper. When that's done, then its really over. I am planning to return the exam papers and every Inti assets on Monday, then I will have no more responsibility to them.

What did I do these past few days, actually I had lunch with my students. Cause soon I would really disappear and they can only see me on certain days after I start my new job. I have been in the new building since 2008, but after I left only have the chance to go to the parking down the hill..ha ha.

I am in the middle of creating a programming blog, so keep an eye out for that announcement. Coming soon.

The Euro Fun Park is coming back to Queensbay, I passed by tonight, but its not open yet. I remember last year, my students went there to take pictures, which was cool.
Since I am free now, been practicing a new character in Tekken, Bryan, anyone wanna spar with me? ha ha.
All the exams are over, so have a nice holiday.

News of the day - 22-7-2011

The "conclusion" of the case of the death of Teoh Beng Hock at tha MACC building.
There will be closure when justice is done or have seen to be done.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And a very very very expensive dinner.

Tonight I met some of my ex-students for dinner. Kelvin, Jonathan, Ban Leng and his brother. Of all the place that exists in Penang, Kelvin chose Feringhi Garden, a very nice place, super expensive, but they even have the Wagyu beef from cows that only drink beer, get massaged and listen to classical music, but its nearly RM200 for a meal.

More pictures that Ban Leng took, but for now, I have the ones in my phone first.

Look like a jungle, lol. But its cool.

The food, its nice, but the price might make some of you sweat.
lamb shank - 50++
Fish - 30++
I had this, its so nice as the beef is tender and juicy. Red Curry - 30++
Carborana - 20++
A great place to go with someone special. Here are more images I got from the net to get your interest in this place.