Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And a very very very expensive dinner.

Tonight I met some of my ex-students for dinner. Kelvin, Jonathan, Ban Leng and his brother. Of all the place that exists in Penang, Kelvin chose Feringhi Garden, a very nice place, super expensive, but they even have the Wagyu beef from cows that only drink beer, get massaged and listen to classical music, but its nearly RM200 for a meal.

More pictures that Ban Leng took, but for now, I have the ones in my phone first.

Look like a jungle, lol. But its cool.

The food, its nice, but the price might make some of you sweat.
lamb shank - 50++
Fish - 30++
I had this, its so nice as the beef is tender and juicy. Red Curry - 30++
Carborana - 20++
A great place to go with someone special. Here are more images I got from the net to get your interest in this place.

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