Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today - 7-7-2011

Today is a public holiday, because of Penang being chosen as a heritage site. I was planning to go Gurney but I woke up and the haze was worse than yesterday, so I decided not to go. I am still sick and my lungs feel like on fire due to the haze. 

I had my lunch and decided to head out to Queensbay. There was a car promotion and the salesman keeps promoting Nissan Teana to me like I am a big boss of a company or something. Honestly its a nice car but I don't think I can afford it yet, plus its super long and you might have problem parking in Penang.

Was walking around when suddenly I saw this news.

In the evening I was playing game at the arcade when I met 2 of my ex-students. We played some "bishi bashi" game and went window shopping and dinner. Thank you for making my day brighter. :)

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