Saturday, July 23, 2011

Karate Girl

Karate Girl is a 2011 Japanese martial arts movie that I would like to recommend to people who love them.
 It stars Rina Takeda, who is a real life Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate champion.
 Ayaka Kurenai
And co-starring Tobimatsu Hina, a 14 years old karate expert.
Sakura Kurenai 

The storyline is very simple, Ayaka and Sakura's father is a karate expert, until an evil organization  tried to take his black belt, causing his death, but not before he crippled the big boss. In the process Ayaka and Sakura got separated. 

Years later, Ayaka lived under an assumed identity until she was forced to show her skills.
Meanwhile the organization that killed Ayaka's father is now training karate assassins.
Including her sister Sakura.
An attack on a dojo forced Ayaka to act.
She defeated the attackers, and Sakura remembered the moved and confronted her later.
When Sakura was captured by the organization, Ayaka had to act.
Sakura is not that weak and managed to escape.
So the stage for the battle is set.
The big karate guy who works for the organization.
In the end, the sisters are reunited.
A nice movie to watch since they don't use cgi, just real karate moves.

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