Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The story so far

It has been a week since I left my job, and what did I do since then? Well, I only will start my job next week so I am still free.

Last Thursday - Marking exam papers, had lunch with my student at Siam Express, the food was nice if not for the part where we bit the "cili padi", play new character in Tekken, Bryan who uses kickboxing moves..

Last Friday - Had lunch with my student at Secret Recipe E-Gate at 3pm. Had black pepper mutton pie and chocolate lava.. Hang out at Queensbay until late.
Last Saturday - Finally watched Harry Potter at Queensbay. Looking for a new shoes, considering Converse, but had a change of heart. I still want to buy Onitsuka but its a bit expensive, and I am not working Had dinner at Sushi King if not mistaken..

Last Sunday - Another day at Queensbay, still considering whether to get that Converse shoes. The salesguy must be sweating now. Finally finished marking the exams papers. All pass, and did my final report.

Monday - Returned the exam papers, plus all the company assets, including the notebook, so now I am stuck with this old pc. Still considering which notebook to buy. Had lunch with my students at Breeks again =.=

Tuesday - Went to Gurney to walk around, then pay my bills and end up at Queensbay again. More Tekken carnage follows. Bryan got kicked by Devil Jin, until I swapped back to the character I am most familiar with, King.Met Anwar, and we had a chat plus coffee, remembering what a nice place our ex-company used to be until someone messed it up. A sad thing really.

Wednesday - I was sleeping and dreaming of drifting downhill with my lights off, when suddenly my phone rang. My student asked me whether I want to eat the new kfc breakfast set. Since I am already up so what the heck. Actually, I was supposed to go in the afternoon to have lunch with someone, but end up there early..ha ha. Lunch is at Breeks again. If tomorrow someone says Breeks again, I am gonna tombstone them.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to service my car, and later go Queensbay, if I can make it. Hopefully the repair does not take long, since I booked them at 8.30 am.


Stephy said...

Take care!!!

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