Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is a JOB??

Some sarcastic people, plus some multi-level marketing people would say it stands for Just Over Broke.

Some boot-licker and apple polishers would say its Just Obey Boss.

So for you people out there, especially my students that just graduated or looking for a job or just starting to work, there is no perfect job. Its just you have to find a job that you can live with and look yourself daily in the mirror.

Some work don't pay so well, like lecturers, you can get like around 4K to 8K unless you are into the managerial tasks, but that's a different story. Most of the people that enter this field either
1. Have a hard time finding another job (and will resign as soon as they find another job).
2. Really have the passion to teach (although sometimes/lots of time, this belief is sorely tested).

Some work really pay well but you work like shit and may get some side effects (high blood pressure, hypertension, heart problem). So the people in these fields work for short while while saving as much money as possible so they can retire.

So in the end, its your call...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Amy and her new yukata.

Today I am a guest blogger for Amy because she is busy with her assignment.

I was browsing some website when Amy asked my opinion which yukata is nice, cause the one that she wants is sold out.

She wants number 4 but its out of stock. Umm, choices. choices, I have to use my emoness to make a choice, finally I choose number 2.

Ordering a yukata online is cheaper than going to the shop. It cost only around 100. And its cheaper than a kimono that can reach up to 10K.

So finally the yukata arrived, its very nice. But I wonder why she took the picture at a very tight angle.

So anyone else wants some fashion advice, you all can contact me any day, especially if you into gothic clothing or cosplay. ha ha.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Sunday shopping

I woke up with a bad headache this morning. It seems my headache is getting worse, maybe cause I think too much. I got ready to go to town to pay my bills. Then found out my CK Free is really "free". Oh no, time to get new perfume I guess. I hate this, it's gonna take a long time to decide. Before that I have to go Citibank in town, and then go Batu Maung at the other end of the island. Then only go Queensbay to buy some perfume. Time to take out my bike I guess.

Went to town and to Citibank, then take the Jelutong expressway direct to Batu Maung. 11.45 am, the shop not opened yet. WTF, she must have overslept, don't tell me she watched world cup too. So decided to eat lunch first somewhere there.

12.oo pm, finally she arrived. Did a simple wash and cut and straight to Queensbay to buy some perfume.

Of course going to Queensbay without playing House of the Dead 4 is no fun. Was playing when this annoying kid joined me. WTF, if you cannot shoot, don't disturb my shots, and he killed the zombies too fast withoug giving me the chance to activate the secret room...grrr. Secretly, I did not help when the zombies jumped at him and he died fighting the stupid spiders, The Lovers.

First I went to Jusco to look for perfumes, but they don't have CK brand. Hmmm.

Then I went to SaSa. The salesgirl keep spraying multiple perfumes on the piece of papers until I was holding about 10 pieces of paper, and she did not even label the perfume's name. Hmm, she needs more practice to be a salesgirl.....

Then go down to Glow. Finally a salesgirl that talks my language, she know that Burberry Beat smells like Clinique Happy. And Mount Blanc also makes pens. And Anna Sui has these cute perfume bottle. And Harajiku is in Japan....My kind of salesgirl ha ha. Wonder can I apply part time job there? XD. Here is an advise to all aspiring salesman/salesgirl, make sure you know your product before you want to sell to others.

So finally bought a bottle of CK Intense Euphoria....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Why do cats like to sleep in my bike's basket??

I was going for lunch when I saw 3 cats sleeping in my bike's basket. It was raining and I guess they were cold.

Animals always have a good sense on who they can trust :P

Robo Geisha Part 2

It seems my lunch took longer than expected. I went to Queensbay and played some arcade games until evening, had my dinner, do some laundry and now I am free to continue.

Where was I, if you did not read Part 1 of the review, read that first.

The girl caught the attention of the member of the secret organization that created robot assassins and she and her sister was invited to their office.

It was revealed that they were building a huge bomb and training geisha as assassins.

The sisters were forced to join the group and fight each other.

Since she is a better fighter, she gets the better treatment, while her sister becomes like the food server, so their rivalry continues.

The rivalry becomes intense when her sister got a bust machine gun (you have to see it for yourself, its kinda complicated to explain).

Multi-barrel on the right, magazine on the left.

Bust machine gun in action...hmmm

So she decided to get arm-pit katanas, umm, did i use the correct term, here is the picture.

They relationship somewhat improved on one very tough assassination mission.

First impression is very important..

Of all the place, why do you have to stab there??

The sister took a blow meant for her.

In one of the mission, she has to kill a group of people who were looking for their family members that has been kidnapped and turned into assassins by the organization, but she did not kill them.

The next quest is to kill two criminals. From them, she learned that the organization planned to detonate a huge bomb over Japan. If you played Ninja Warz, there is fried shrimp that can be used as a weapon, I guess they got the idea from here.

One of the guys were wearing a huge bomb and there was a huge explosion.

The injured girl was saved by the group earlier.

They even reassembled her.

In the meanwhile the organization was reformatting her sister. You can see where this is heading right?

The group decided to confront the organization without bringing her along, which will most probable end up in a shoot-out.

She transformed into a vehicle and rushed to the organization building.

Another WTF moment, suddenly the building transformed into a giant robot.

She managed to get in. The fighting scene with the hip katana is very funny.

With the leader controlling the robot, she must fight to restore the memory of her sister.

Finally she managed to restore her sister's memory, and they combine to become Voltron, Defender of the Universe. Opps, wrong movie.

Form arm and torso

And literally punched the leader into outer space.

Not a bad movie, but I was expecting more blood like Tokyo Gore Police.

If you like my review, I would appreciate it very much if you click on some of the ads on the right. At least I can make some money. Thanks.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Robo Geisha Part 1

I have heard of this movie in 2009 and waited patiently for it. After 1 year, I almost gave up hope when I saw it at the DVD shop yesterday. I was so excited and bought it directly. Unfortunately, the translation sucks (and very funny, which I will comment in another blog), so I have to use my "heart" to translate and understand with my limited Japanese word. I only know the word "yamate" :P

Ok, so here goes my review of Robo Geisha..

A politician is being entertained by a geisha when his assistant told him of a threat on his life. Of course the politician said, we have a lot of guards around us so there is nothing to worry about.

The politician continues to have fun with the geisha. I am alternating with strips of image and single image. Do tell me which one you all prefer.

Suddenly the geisha splits into half and out comes two assassins.

I saw this kind mask first in "Hana to hebi"

Then the geisha joined back and became a third person...WTF

The assassins did some posing and made short work of the bodyguards.

Another WTF moment, shiruken shooting ass.

The politician was about to eat a saw, when he was saved by Robo geisha. Theoretically speaking, all of them are robot and geisha, but since she is the main character, I will refer to her as the main title.

Origins of the Robo Geisha

In the beginning, she was just a normal girl compared to her sister who is a geisha.


She is a bit clumsy and her sister hated her for always messing up her geisha act.

Funny incident involving a sushi roll, caused by her.

Cause of this, she is always beaten up, and a member of a secret organization noticed how tough she is.

Another WTF moment, tengu milk =.=

I am going for my lunch now, so I will continue the review in Part 2 when I come back later.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On love

Getting sick of seeing love expression either on Facebook or Messenger.

For guys
LOVE = Ladies Offer Versatile Emotions

For girls
LOVE = Lads Offer Volatile Emotions

Here is a Ponanzi cartoon on this issue.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mutant Girl Squad

OMG, OMG, I am moving to Japan. Just saw the trailer of Mutant Girl Squad and absolutely loved it. Noboru Iguchi (Robo-Geisha) and Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) have just finished their next masterpiece: Mutant Girl Squad.

Warning, its a bit violent, so if you are scared of blood, don't watch it.

Sunday again.

Today is Sunday, my off day. I woke up early and headed to Gurney. It seems now they have Dragon-i there too. I was just looking around for some Converse shoes because someone wanted to try a new dressing style.

In the afternoon, I was bored and decided to head to Queensbay. Today is bike day cause I did not drive a car. Went playing some arcade game and look at clothes.

I decided not to buy new clothes until I am called for an interview, but the funny thing is a company called me even though I did not apply. So considering, should I go??

TM is having a promotion, and invited two Malay groups to perform at Queensbay, I am not really into Malay songs, but since I have some free time, why not? Have not heard any Malay songs since 1991 =.=

The first group is One Nation Emcee.

Image not so clear cause I was a bit to the back. Damn, I need a bigger camera.

After that we have a Micheal Jackson impersonator.

Umm, whatcha looking at??

Yup, I was looking at that too :P

I decided that place was not the best place to take picture so I move closer to the speaker. One of these days I am gonna be deaf cause take too many pictures.

Next we have the Fabulous Cats.

Not a bad day at all.