Monday, November 9, 2009

Hana to Hebi AKA Snake and Flower

Warning - If you are a kid, please go play with your Barbie doll, or inflatable doll :P

Snake and Flower is considered a cult film in Japan, but I managed to get my hand on a copy some years back. It is directed by Takashi Ishii. The film is based on an S&M novel written by Oniruku Dan which has reached a cult status in Japan.

While it isn't considered a "Torture Porn", like Hostel, Saw or the Butcher, it still contains some shocking scenes. I guess it started with Pasolini's Salo movie that is based on the "120 days of Sodom". Every movie fan have heard of it, but non of us have been able to locate the movie. The movie was considered so offensive that the directed was murdered shortly after that, which some speculate might be politically motivated.

But I am mumbling here, the movie review today is "Snake and Flower".

A businessman owes the yakuza some money, so they "kidnap" his wife as a replacement for the money.

The yakuza also have special show where rich people get to see girls get tortured or killed. What's up with that, that happens in Hostel too. Even in Hard Target, they organize human hunting for rich people. If I had that kind of money, I would not want to see that. Well, maybe one or two people, but I won't make it my hobby.

The rich audiences who paid a bundle just to watch

The creepy ringmaster

In another suit, don't you feel like you wanna kill him?

Some sort of water torture where the victim is forced to drink too much water..

Don't even ask. In the original DVD, there is a commentary on this scene "The Drawf with the big nose"..

Ahem, at this junction, I suddenly remembered what Chris Jericho wrote in his book (he used to wrestle in Japan), the japanese people are always courteous to each other, bowing when they meet each other. On the other hand, their magazines display young girls pissing on the beach. What contradiction..If you don't believe me, go read his book "A lion's tale" at borders.

Japanese shibari..Why do these people always wear sunglasses?


The yakuza boss, someone give him some viagra..

Make that a container of viagra

At least he died happy =.=


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