Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wind and Cloud returns

In 2009, one movie that I am excited about is The Storm Warriors, the continuation of The Storm Riders.

This time, Wind and Cloud battles Lord Godless (don't ask me, its how they translate =.=) from Japan, who has taken the Emperor of China hostage.

For those that read the comic, I am sure you know the story line. If you are confused, Cloud is the one that wields the black "Special Sword" and Wind uses the "Blizzard Sword". But from the poster, it seems Cloud's sword has changed color. In the comic, Nameless did sharpen the special sword before the battle but I don't remember it changing color after that. What did Nameless use to sharpen it, the warmest thing in the world, Cloud's tear =.=

And Wind took the evil to enhance his kung fu before the battle. He learn it from Lord Wicked. Actually both Wind and Cloud went but only Wind is accepted because he is gentler. The training will turn people into evil =.=

Hope they don't change the story line too much.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Merdeka Day

Happy Independence Day to all honest Malaysian, who works hard to earn a living and not manipulate others for their own gain.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cutey Honey

Cutey Honey is an android that fight the Panther Claw minions. There are a few version of Cutey Honey, the cartoon and live version. Basically I watched the live movie version.

This never happened to Superman, there is an emergency and all her clothes are being washed. LOL

Honey Flash

Fighting the minion of Panther Claw

Who is a fan of Doraemon ^^

Sister Jill, head of Panther Claw. That is a guy ok =.=

Monday, August 25, 2008

The 36th chambers of shaolin

This is a classic kung fu movie starring Gordon Liu. He might not be as famous as Jackie Chan or Sammo Hung, but his kung fu is good. Quentin Tarantino hired Gordon Liu to star in Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2, more famous as the Bride's master Pai Mei in vol 2.

Since my movie does not have the subtitles, I try my best to translate in. Please correct me if I am wrong. San Ze's father is accused of helping the rebels and San Ze escaped to a shaolin temple and learned kung fu there.

The biggest fishwood in the world.

Iron Head Kung Fu

Final Confrontation

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fury - Mangkorn sau

Fury is a Thai film that will be shown soon, but I got a sneak preview via the DVD towkays =.=. It rocks.

Fury is about an autistic girl. For those that do not know, they consider autistic as retard, but a lot of geniuses in the world are autistic. And her house is just next to a muay thai school (kickboxing) so guess what she is good at.

Since it did not show yet, I will not reveal the story. Its worth going to the cinema, only I am afraid that the sensors will chop it up =.=

The hilarious fight scene at a pig market. Never throw a knife if there is a fence behind to deflect it back.

Knife stuck in pig snout (the Malaysian sensors are going to have a fit here =.=)

The excellent fighting scenes.

In the tradition of Jackie Chan, showing the injuries during the filming.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ninja Vixens - Demonic Sacrifice

Bought a DVD today, Ninja Vixens. And you know, it copied the story of Makai Tensho. A religios man became a demon to seek revenge.

The Ninja Vixen, Firefly

Slaughter of innocent children

The curse

Becoming a demon

Hattori Hanzo's first encounter with the demon

Hattori Hanzo saving the Ninja Vixen from the demon

Hattori Hanzo's final confrontation with the demon.

At this junction you might be wandering, who is Hattori Hanzo, and why is he fighting the demon instead of the Ninja Vixen? The answer is, he is the freaking hero of the story, where he killed 2 out of the 3 demons whereas the ninja vixen did not even manage to kill anything except .. They should have named the movie Hattori Hanzo instead. For your information, in Japanese movies, Hattori Hanzo is a famous assassin.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Decapitated bird

Saw this at the cafe just now

The Head

The body

The blood stain

The culprit

Cult movies I would LOVE to see

1. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

My friend would have started saying "blasphemy" and casting divine retribution on me, but I am just curious about this movie. Jesus Christ and El Santo fighting vampires, using Kung Fu and wrestling.

Rotten Tomatoes says - It will offend those who are offended by the very title; it will probably thrill those who take one look at the title and immediately want to see the film.

2. Lady Snowblood

An assassin seeks vengeance upon the bandits who raped her mother and murdered her mother's husband.

Quentin Tarantino loves this movie. The scene in which The Bride fights O-Ren Ishii uses a snowy landscape that echoes scenes in Lady Snowblood, and the theme song sung by Meiko Kaji (translated by Tarantino as "The Flower of Carnage") is also used in Kill Bill, Vol. 1.

3. Samurai Resurrection

Samurai Reincarnation is a 1981 movie, starring Sonny Chiba. Its based on the novel Makai Tensho.

Following the massacre of many thousands of Christians by soldiers of the Tokugawa Empire after the Shimabara Rebellion, Shiro Amakusa renounces the God who he feels abandoned them, and bargains his soul to the forces of darkness for the power to take his revenge.

He gains the power to resurrect the dead He resurrected one of the most powerful warrior, Miyamoto Musashi.

Standing in their way is Yagyū Jūbei. Muramasa agrees to make the most evil blade ever to help Jubei defeat the demons. Muramasa completes his greatest blade ever, and after telling Jubei "If you encounter God, God will be cut" he collapses dead. This scene is copied by Quentin Tarantino is Kill Bill Vol 1 where Hattori Hanzo forge a sword for the Bride and said the same thing, except he did not die afterwards.

Will not spoil the story, but a really great movie.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This FIRST time they messed up Dragonball.

Year: 1993
Movie Title: Dragonball: The Magic begins

Some Screen Captures

This guy looks better as Turtle Master

Dragonball movie *WTF*

There is a new Dragonball movie in 2009.

And guess who is the Turtle Master - Chow Yun Fatt =.=

3 images from the movie.

I think these people have messed up the Dragonball movie again =.=

Gatchaman *excited*

The movie Gatchaman is gonna be released in 2009. Who? You might say. For those that lived long enough, you would have remembered a cartoon called "Battle of the Planets" or "G-Force" (Not G-Spot ok :P). Its where 5 people wear bird-like helmets and cape and fight alien invaders.

Here is the original cartoon to refresh your memory.

Some screen shots from the new movie. Looks interesting