Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cult movies I would LOVE to see

1. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

My friend would have started saying "blasphemy" and casting divine retribution on me, but I am just curious about this movie. Jesus Christ and El Santo fighting vampires, using Kung Fu and wrestling.

Rotten Tomatoes says - It will offend those who are offended by the very title; it will probably thrill those who take one look at the title and immediately want to see the film.

2. Lady Snowblood

An assassin seeks vengeance upon the bandits who raped her mother and murdered her mother's husband.

Quentin Tarantino loves this movie. The scene in which The Bride fights O-Ren Ishii uses a snowy landscape that echoes scenes in Lady Snowblood, and the theme song sung by Meiko Kaji (translated by Tarantino as "The Flower of Carnage") is also used in Kill Bill, Vol. 1.

3. Samurai Resurrection

Samurai Reincarnation is a 1981 movie, starring Sonny Chiba. Its based on the novel Makai Tensho.

Following the massacre of many thousands of Christians by soldiers of the Tokugawa Empire after the Shimabara Rebellion, Shiro Amakusa renounces the God who he feels abandoned them, and bargains his soul to the forces of darkness for the power to take his revenge.

He gains the power to resurrect the dead He resurrected one of the most powerful warrior, Miyamoto Musashi.

Standing in their way is Yagyū Jūbei. Muramasa agrees to make the most evil blade ever to help Jubei defeat the demons. Muramasa completes his greatest blade ever, and after telling Jubei "If you encounter God, God will be cut" he collapses dead. This scene is copied by Quentin Tarantino is Kill Bill Vol 1 where Hattori Hanzo forge a sword for the Bride and said the same thing, except he did not die afterwards.

Will not spoil the story, but a really great movie.

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Dumbo said...

Actually, a lot of Spaniards and Mexicans are named Jesus (pronounced hay-sus, if I'm not mistaken). Besides, even the original name in Hebrew (Yehoshua) or Aramaic-Hebrew (Yeshua) was a rather common name in His time. It means "God saves". The modern-day English equivalent is Joshua.

But what the swordsmith(s) said (in the third review) is blasphemous. At least the director of the 1981 movie had the decency of killing off the character right away. :-p