Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We are listening

Some creative design from the listen, listen, listen incident.

And here is a funny comic
Some trolls

Malaysian vs SW1M

It started with a Youtube video that was shared in Facebook.

Normally I don't like to get involved in these kind of things but then I saw the obnoxious posting in the SW1M Facebook page.

From the video, clearly it is known who is being disrespectful. I am a former lecturer and trainer for MNCs, and never in my life I asked my students to stop like that. That is just disrespectful and inconsiderate. Even if you are out of time, you must say, I am sorry, we are out of time, but I will take note of your points and get back to you.

You don't make fun of other people's advice or comments, especially if the points have values and merits.
Now they are accusing the student of using the Government's money, ahem, its the tax payers money ok.
Misleading, it is not even an apology but more rants.
Now they are accusing the student of being a socialist, God forbid they know what that means.
When all else fail, try to use the "threat of Christian", damn pathetic.
And accusing the people that complain of being opposition party supporters. We are just people who can differentiate right from wrong.

On the other side of the story

Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Knife

I just bought another knife, Kershaw Half Ton, in US its USD20 but here its RM110. Sigh

My assessment, the blade is good, but opening is kinda stiff cause of the location of the thumb studs. I bought this cause two of my knives are in the shop, while my Kershaw Volt II has this mysterious ratting sound which I did not have time to check yet.

To me a good knife is one that you can carry everyday and use and it will not give you any problems like loose screws, rattling sounds and so forth. So in my book, my Swiss Army Knife is still the best.

While on holiday, last December, I went to my old knife shop, and saw this balisong at a discounted price, RM16, I know the quality is not that good but for RM16, what the heck.

Till next time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teachers nowadays

When I was in school. like 200 years ago, the teachers always lament "Students nowadays...". I was reading today's new and now would like to lament "Teachers nowadays.."

And another funny story involving the police. I would like to book this hotel for my company dinner this year.

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm on a break, but finally I am back

2011 was a tough and challenging year, and I had a lot of issues to settle before the new year. I am torn whether I want to go back to teaching or stay on what I am doing now, money wise, it better than when I was a lecturer, but I really do miss teaching. Let's wait for some time, and see what people can offer me as a lecturer, salary wise..ha ha

So what have I been up to these past few months? Well, I was busy helping some students with their final year projects, which I will not do again. If you wanted someone to help you with your projects, go contact Mr. G..ha ha 

Knives, been updating myself in the knife forum, and I did finally buy a custom knife made by Klonk. Now it is at the shop being sharpened.

Then Christmas came, well it was great, but I am more excited about Chinese New Year next month.

Talking about that, during my Christmas shopping, I bought another Onitsuka Tiger, this time red color. I don't know why I like that brand so much, maybe cause its comfortable or because Bruce Lee used to wear it, and the Bride too in Kill Bill.
Sorry about the whitish image, I think its my camera. maybe need to buy new handphone soon.

Saying money to buy an expensive knife. A guy from the knife forum carries a USD500++ Strider knife.
Till next time, take care.