Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Malaysian vs SW1M

It started with a Youtube video that was shared in Facebook.

Normally I don't like to get involved in these kind of things but then I saw the obnoxious posting in the SW1M Facebook page.

From the video, clearly it is known who is being disrespectful. I am a former lecturer and trainer for MNCs, and never in my life I asked my students to stop like that. That is just disrespectful and inconsiderate. Even if you are out of time, you must say, I am sorry, we are out of time, but I will take note of your points and get back to you.

You don't make fun of other people's advice or comments, especially if the points have values and merits.
Now they are accusing the student of using the Government's money, ahem, its the tax payers money ok.
Misleading, it is not even an apology but more rants.
Now they are accusing the student of being a socialist, God forbid they know what that means.
When all else fail, try to use the "threat of Christian", damn pathetic.
And accusing the people that complain of being opposition party supporters. We are just people who can differentiate right from wrong.

On the other side of the story

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