Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm on a break, but finally I am back

2011 was a tough and challenging year, and I had a lot of issues to settle before the new year. I am torn whether I want to go back to teaching or stay on what I am doing now, money wise, it better than when I was a lecturer, but I really do miss teaching. Let's wait for some time, and see what people can offer me as a lecturer, salary wise..ha ha

So what have I been up to these past few months? Well, I was busy helping some students with their final year projects, which I will not do again. If you wanted someone to help you with your projects, go contact Mr. G..ha ha 

Knives, been updating myself in the knife forum, and I did finally buy a custom knife made by Klonk. Now it is at the shop being sharpened.

Then Christmas came, well it was great, but I am more excited about Chinese New Year next month.

Talking about that, during my Christmas shopping, I bought another Onitsuka Tiger, this time red color. I don't know why I like that brand so much, maybe cause its comfortable or because Bruce Lee used to wear it, and the Bride too in Kill Bill.
Sorry about the whitish image, I think its my camera. maybe need to buy new handphone soon.

Saying money to buy an expensive knife. A guy from the knife forum carries a USD500++ Strider knife.
Till next time, take care.


Kalvyne said...

Finally you're back :D

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