Friday, October 30, 2009

sun SPOT

I was talking to Felicia last night and she said that she is doing her final year project using sun SPOT. I think a lot of people don't know what sun SPOT is so I am gonna introduce you to it. The best thing is you can use Java with sun SPOT. I wonder does the college have the allocation to buy this device.

From the sun SPOT website.

Sun SPOTs (Sun Small Programmable Object Technology) are small, wireless, battery-powered devices developed at Sun Labs to explore the next frontier of network computing. These devices can be used in a wide range of applications including robotics, environmental monitoring, asset tracking, proactive health care and many others. Sun SPOTs are powered by a specially designed small-footprint Java virtual machine, called Squawk, that can host multiple applications concurrently, and requires no underlying operating system. Stackable boards include application-specific sensors and actuators such as accelerometers, light detectors, temperature sensors, LEDs, push buttons and general I/O pins. The devices can be duty cycled to run for months on a single charge of their rechargeable battery.

In human language - Its using Java to work with embedded devices. Currently we are using "difficult language" like C or PIC..

The kit is $299.

Wonder can I buy the device here in Malaysia???

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My new knife

After watching Steven Seagal movie, I always get the urge to buy a knife. And I was talking to Amy that day, Japan have a lot of hand made knives, but the price is like USD142.95...

But lucky for me, there is a shop that sells replica (fake) branded knife..So I decided to go to the shop and get one for myself.

In combat terms, I would call this a stabbing knife, cause its too short to be used for slashing. So its a bit like a push dagger.

And its easy to hide...

There is a blade locking mechanism to lock the blade so there is no accidental closure...

The knife in action...

Attention to the students

There is a change in the semester, its now long, short, long semester..

The Killer

Found an "old school" movie in my collection. The Killer by John Woo. This is now movie were supposed to be made..

Chow Yun Fatt is the killer. The two guns are John Woo's trademark..

Danny Lee as the cop after the killer. Notice that he still has a lot of hair in this movie, so this is really an old movie...

After finishing his latest assignment, the killer was betrayed because the guy don't want to pay him. You know that is a bad thing to do especially to double cross an assassin.

This can only happen is a John Woo movie, a little got shot in the crossfire and the killer saved the girl...

Mexican standoff at the hospital...

Another Mexican standoff...

The finale, the cop and the killer join forces to fend off tons of attacker in a bloody battle. Only one will walk away..

Another good movie is "Hard Boiled", but the CD is at my hometown..ha ha

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Keeper

Just finished looking after an exam from 4-7 pm. I was hungry so stop by BJ for dinner. After dinner I was walking by the DVD shops when OMG, I saw another Steven Seagal movie. Immediately I bought it. Actually I need to fill in my job appraisal form that night, but can fill in the form while watching the movie, I might need to use the moves later anyway..

Steven Seagal is a cop, who just busted a million dollar drug lab. All the bad guys were killed in the drug raid.

His partner is getting greedy with all the money lying around, and shoots him..

OMG, first time Seagal got shot....

Of course he got his revenge when the guy came to the hospital to finish him off. Poser: Where the heck did he get the gun from, he was in a coma and just went through an operation to remove the bullets??

After that Seagal retired from the police department. Just to show off his credentials, why not just write GOD there, it would make things easier..

NOT one person that you want mess with...

So now he just stay at home and play with his guns and knives...

Until an old friend's daughter was almost kidnapped. The friend is now a rich businessman.

So how he is the bodyguard. They were ambushed and Seagal managed to kill almost all the kidnappers except one who managed to kidnap the girl

Thanks to the police. Nice job mr policeman...

.The ransom exchange..

Seagal is a sniper too

Exploding things behind me make me look cool

Hostage saved..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping Day

Twice I met someone, and twice the person bought some new clothes. So I cannot stand it anymore and decided it was my turn to buy some clothes. Actually I wanted to buy a shirt at Topman Gurney yesterday, but no salesman was in sight, so I decided to buy from another shop.

The funny thing about this "middle class" brands like Topman and Seed is, they don't know how to choose sales representative, the people are more busy gossiping then attending to customers. I get better reaction when I go to Guess or Raoul....

So off to Raoul I go. FYI, one of the salesman there is a student at my college. So I guess he told everyone about me =.=

I learned this from someone ^^. Test and take pics first before choosing one..ha ha

This shirt is cool, but it does make you look like a triad boss too. More suitable for Chinese New Year. ha ha

Cool multicolor striped lines..

Blue? hmmm

In the end choose the second one. It looks nicer in real life than in the pictures.

If you want to buy Dockers pants, buy the original material and not those linen based material. I bought one of those and it tore after one month =.=

So this time, learned my lesson and bought the cotton pants and not some fancy materials...

OMG. I am just over poverty T.T