Friday, October 2, 2009

High School Girl Rika - Zombie Hunter

Another campy Japanese movie that is better viewed when you are drunk.

They have the CHEAPEST special effect for a zombie that I have ever seen...

Rika and her friend is off to visit grandpa..Rika is the one on the right.

Her grandpa looks like an old Jubei Yagyu, from the Ninja Scrolls fame.. ha ha

They arrived at town, only to be attacked by zombies, only to be saved by this guy who fights like a Power Ranger. You have to see it to know what I mean. Even I can fight better than that...

They reached grandpa's house only to be welcomed by maids in French Dress. I also want three of these...^^

Don't even ask. The maids were have some sort of competition I think. Thank God for XNView Software and its mosaic layer effect..

This zombie has a very funny look..

This is the reason why...See where his hand is..ha ha

Soon the zombies attacked and grandpa swings into action with his katana..

Rika get bitten on her hand by a zombie, to cut the story short, her grandpa cut off her arm and replaced it a-la Fung Wan. Now she has a powerful hand..ha ha

We're fighting zombies, and you bring a fly swatter???

Zombie King - "I used to work for the Power Rangers series, but since the series ended, I have to make a living starring in this crappy movie"


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Dumbo, the Sojourning Elephant said...

Stop making yourself suffer with these crappy movies then... :-p

I just watched "Departure" a few days ago. Except the rather cliche ending, it was a thought-provoking (despite all the brain-dead corpses) and refreshing (despite all the dead bodies) and enjoyable (despite the whole dead people business) ride. That is one Japanese movie you should watch instead.