Saturday, October 10, 2009

TGI Saturdays

Today is Saturday and I wonder why people insists on having a Student Based Conference on this day, when its a holiday. I don't think many lecturers will go, we are working hard on the week days and we are only human. So I slept in on a Saturday morning..ha ha.

Been not feeling well for 3 days since I ate the tomyam from hell. My stomach hurts, maybe cause of gastric or too acidic. Finally got this to make me feel better. Not bad if you have a sudden gastric attack.

Today I went walking around Gurney and Queensbay and made a few observations..

1. The grunge style of the 90s is back. Checkered shirt with bright color. Saw an Esprit green and purple checkered shirt. Guess has maroon colored checkered shirt. Pity it costs 399 =.=

2. M0re and more people are wearing Crocs shoes, I don't get it. Maybe I should get one to know why people like to wear that ugly looking shoes..

3. Some Malaysians are dumb and inconsiderate. You know those massage chair that you put money in, if you sit without paying, it will make a buzzing sound. Some idiot can sit and sleep on it, while the buzzing hurts my super sensitive hearing when I passed by. Perhaps the designer should make a self destruct or super sharp pin poke out, just specially for Malaysian users..And we always blame the ugly Westerners, you know what? They have more class..

4. Malaysian also like to complain a lot, but to the wrong people. In a super long queue at Jusco and an uncle was cutting queue and scolding the cashier on why there was only one counter opened. Come on, she just worked there, if you have complains, go see the management. Just like some of the people I worked with, complained like hell in front of me, but not a peep in meetings with management =.=

After that, I was hungry so went to TGI Fridays. One of my friends used to say, why eat so expensive when it will turn to shit, my reply, why don't you eat grass next time, that will save more money.

Learned another lesson there, don't carry more stuff than you can handle, 1 staff tried to carry 7 glass of water and end up spilling all of them, in front of me..ha ha

Then, still hungry, buy Malay rice at Gelugor..ha ha

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