Sunday, October 4, 2009

CK Euphoria

Since my Burberry ran out, time to hunt for new perfume. The end result, CK Euphoria for men. The smell is sweet and not too strong.

I still remember my marketing lecturer said, that perfumes are product which takes advantages of people's insecurities. That might be true, but if you have to up close and personal with people everyday, do you prefer people that smell nice or people who stinks? As a university lecturer, he does not get to meet the students that much, but I see the students daily. Being Malaysian, we are too politically correct to tell the truth and bear with it, even if we suffer..So remember, smell nice if you have to be up close and personal...

Talking about smelling nice, some girls, I can smell them coming from 100 meters away, did they bathe in perfume???

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Dumbo, the Sojourning Elephant said...

I still remember once upon a time there was this team building thing, and one of the stupid activities was to have a dozen of us cross the crocodile pond TOGETHER using only a couple of Coca-cola cartons as the "stepping stones". And somebody decided - of all the days - not to use perfume on that day. :-p

Anyway, I think I made the others suffer, too. I know as a fact that I do have a certain smell, and I don't use perfume. Ever. Perfumed talc is as far as I would go. :-D

Moral of the story: always feign sickness whenever your company organizes a team building event.