Friday, May 3, 2013

My Wish List For Malaysia

This is my third time voting. For the first timers there, remember to go out and vote because it’s your right. It does not really matter whether your choice candidates wins or lose, but it is your responsibility and to give the message that people are looking and observing what the Government is doing and we will not be bullied anymore and will not just blindly support a symbol without looking at the candidates. Here is my wish list for Malaysia

1.       We have more politicians that are sensible and not talk with their asses or emotions. We had enough of keris waving, name calling kind of politicians here. What we want are politicians that talk with facts and if there is an issue, they should respond immediately and not wait until 300 years to deny it.

2.       We should not have politicians as Education Minister as they will flip flop on certain issue, and the future generations are affected. Education should be politic free, which makes me wonder why school children are on bicycle carrying certain party flag. Can they even vote?

3.       Please don’t be blinded by hatred of certain party. Yes, we can disagree with certain issues, but if you have blind hate, you are no better than them.

4.       Don’t be so fast to call someone who is against you as unpatriotic or enemy agents or out to destroy the country. Listen to what they have to say first and respond without name calling or labeling.

5.       We are all Malaysians. Don’t be so fast to ask the people “If you don’t like it, please leave Malaysia”, because if I see something wrong and keep quiet, it means that I am being unpatriotic. And Malaysia DOES NOT belong to one party only