Thursday, December 31, 2009

Memories of 2009

Here are the 10 events that made 2009 a memorable year for me at least..

1. Meeting up with my ex-students at Nasi Kandar Istimewa and Jelutong market.

2. The Ship become a de-facto meeting place for farewell and farewell.

3. Amy leaves for Japan..

4. My Sony Ericsson W810i died..

5. USM messed up their online intake system.

6. Bike show at Queensbay.

7. Teoh Beng Hock found dead outside MACC office.

8. My blog went pink for a day.

9. Kartika was sentenced to be caned for drinking alcohol. As I predicted, 200 years later, the sentence has not been carried out. =.=

10. Return of ........ For safety purpose, I cannot write the name there. ha ha.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Opening the balisong

I was feeling bored, so I decided to check out my balisong. Actually it was a gift, but I feel sometimes the structure of the knife is a bit unstable cause of the screws, so I decided to check it out today.

No wonder, the handle is just held by a hollow tube that is held together by 2 screws at each side.

And when you spin the knife, eventually the screw will get loose.

Solution 1 - Use some kind of adhesive to make sure the screw does not move, or glue the tube to the handle. hmmm.
Solution 2 - Find a better replacement screw
Solution 3 - Replace the whole handle with my other balisong handle, actually I like the blade, but the handle is a bit problematic.

At this stage, I really missed my original balisong called "Lost", cause I hand picked that one myself and there is no screw problem, and its made from surgical steel..sigh.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here is a guy that LOVES his job..

I wish I can be like this guy. He shows such zeal and love in his work. Who is he, he is Lynn Thompson, the president of Cold Steel, a company that makes knives and swords. Here is a video of him (he is the first guy in the video) demonstrating the company product.

That's a damn cool job.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A nice place to eat Malay food

This shop is located at Bayan Lepas, after the Police Station. It serves Malay food and the queue is quite long all the time. The food served is very nice..Open except on Fridays

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Neko again

I have not updated my blog for a few days, busy with Christmas celebration (shopping actually), watching movies and last weekend I went back to my hometown.

Actually now I have a nasty sore throat/cough, but I still can function.

Some pictures of my cat sleeping...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gatchaman AKA Battle of the Planets ending

I was in youtube when I found this great 80s cartoon series. They sure don't make them like they use to. This is the last episode. Enjoy

Big Screen TVs

They added TV to the college for making announcement. Wonder can we subscribe to Astro? ^^

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old School check shirt

First I would like to thanks Hor Yen for letting me know about the Guess offer that if you buy something over 350, they will deduct 100 from the price. Even though she told me over Pet Society ha ha.

I have been working 9 - 6 over this Saturday and Sunday so was feeling a bit emo, pissed off and tired, so I decided to get a check shirt.

Now where did I put my eyeliner and black nail paint?? ha ha

The good and the bad of Sim Brothel 2

The Good

They have Imari from Bible Black, yeah right, never heard of her or Bible Black :P, or her sexual preference. But you can only buy her from the Slave market and the entrance fee is 150 for the first time, and 50 for the rest. But she costs around 1300.. ha ha

All the girls from the slave market are super expensive.

You can assign leaders for each building...

Some of the graphics are better looking..ha ha.

The Bad

One of my biggest complain is the multiple pop up windows where I accidentally closed the main window and lost all my game.

The save function gave me a scare when I reload, all the girls are missing except the main character and the day is reset to one.

I created a folder to save the game, so you have to find the file to reload the game.

Girls missing???

Huh?? Day 1??

But fret not, once you move to the next day, all will be normal again....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sim Brothel 2

Love to play "Sim Brothel", but always getting blocked by that damn firewall??? Fret not, now they come up with "Sim Brothel 2", which is downloadable and can be run locally. Its created using C instead of Flash. Mind you I don't endorse any illegal activity during work..ha ha

You can run in on your desktop without the need to install the game. Mind you that its just beta version so its not as good as the web based game (for now).

Same 3 levels, easy, normal and hard.

The interface has changed a bit, but if you know how to play the original game, you should not face too much problem.

The stats has been change to make it simpler.

Choosing a place to work.

To increase the price, just slide the bar to the right.

In the original game, we just move from day to day, but the new one, you can choose different setting for each day.

The picture is kinda cacat, but you play this game to test your management skills and not look at porn. If you wanna look at porn, go to pornhub la :P

The good thing is now every time you want to buy girls, the list will be different, so make sure you have enough money, or the next time you want to buy, you might not be able to find her :S

And take note different girls have different styles. So choose carefully.

First Time

They have a lot of new characters.

Oh,come on, admit it. I know a lot of you guys secretly thinks that she is HOT, HOT, HOT :P

Controlling the place where the girls works is easier that the original game.

In the original game, sometimes the girls refuse to work. Here we can set that the leader can force the girls to work, but the result might not be so good..haha.

But even though you have more than one girls working, they only show a single picture.

Remember the style that I mentioned, for example, if you choose noble, these are the stats.

Don't forget to save. The window is small and I accidentally closed it a few times. If you reached day 200 and did that, you will be banging your head to the table, so don't forget to save.

Where to find it? I am sure you can google it yourself. :). Or ask me if you are really desperate.

The Dark Knight show

At Queensbay after the open day today. Too tired to write a lot so just show some pictures first.

Bruce Wayne studying ninjitsu....


Why so serious?