Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Long Goodbyes

Just saja put title like "Sin City" comics. Elaine is going back to Australia to do her Masters so its time for another dinner.

Planned: The Ship, then someone wanna go "Ikan Bakar" then the shop is closed yesterday so back to The Ship. Its not fate, its destiny.

Elaine and Debby

Ivan and Ahmed

Jun hiding behind the flowers

Warning: These Following pictures might make you hungry ha ha..

Small Bowl and BIG Bowl of Salad

Garlic Bread I think
Hot Chocolate

My steak, medium rare ^^
Ice Cream
Mixed Plate

HP sauce, when your HP is low, drink this

The interior quite nice looking, the Ship...

Actually it was quite full last night, compared the time I went to TGI Fridays. hmmm

Outside The Ship...

So Jun and Elaine will fly back to Australia to continue their studies . All the best to them..


Elaine said...

tyvm :D See you all again end of this year, I be back! *rawr*

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to eat all of them...(guess who am i.)

Devio Steve said...

i wanna eat also ....@@