Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Wrestler

I was super busy this week and felt burnt out =.=. Then I watched the wrestler and relate it to my life.

I am a wrestling fan but a lot of people cannot differentiate between the real character of a wrestler and their stage identity. Believe it or not, a lot of "Anti America" wrestlers are actually from America themselves, like Nikita Koloff. Just google him.

Back to our story, Randy the Ram was a famous wrestler in the late 80s but now he is living in a trailer, wrestling in a hall and carrying boxes for a living. Why is he still in wrestling? cause he loves it no matter what the job does to his body and soul. He takes painkiller after matches, got locked out of his trailer because he cannot afford to pay the bills and so on. But he loves wrestling that much (actually it's the cheers of the fan). Sounds like me, I like teaching even if I pay a heavy price on my health (sanity) and soul.

A lot of wrestler do not have happy ending, for example
1. Kerry Von Erich committed suicide after being caught with drugs cause he dont want to go to jail.
2. Mike Awesome committed suicide after a marriage problem.
3. Chris Benoit killed his wife and kid and committed suicide.
4. Eddie Guerrero died of a heart attack at the age of 38 =.=
5. Crash Holly committed suicide at the age of 32.

There is a super long list of dead wrestlers, so why would anyone do it?

The movie also show the gritty side of wrestling such as steroid abuse and blading. A guy acted as a steroid dealer in this film and was caught dealing steroid in real life. How is that for realistic?

Back to the film, one day he suffered a heart attack and the doctor told him that he should never wrestle again. Then he tried to improve his relation with his daughter but it does not work out as expected.

One day there is a wrestling reunion, and they want him to wrestle his nemesis from the 80s, the Ayatollah (a lot of wrestling heels in the 80 either are Russians or Iranians, by character that is.)

Randy gives an emotional speech to the crowd, and the fight begins. During the match, his heart strains, but he continues despite the Ayatollah's concern and several pleas for Randy to pin him and end the match.Randy fights through the pain and slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle. Standing atop the turnbuckle, he prepares to dive from the turnbuckle to deliver his signature finishing move, a diving headbutt called the "Ram Jam".

In the final shot, he salutes the cheering crowd and leaps from the ropes; the shot cuts to black.

Hmmm, is your job worth your life? Maybe if you love it or want one last high haha..

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