Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tokyo Species Review

I know I have not made a review since like 6 months, so I think its time to start making reviews again. I have gotten my claw on the movie "Tokyo Species" starring Maria Ozawa.

When I heard of it, I thought it would be great like Sora Aoi's Big Tits Zombie. but upon viewing it, I found that the movie lacked the fun and blood that I loved in Japanese movie. So there you heard me, if you want to see Maria Ozawa, get some

The story is simple, Maria killed herself and her body got possessed by an alien and she started killing all the people that bullied her. Her good friend and an alien hunter joined up to stop Maria, in the end they managed to stop Maria but the alien eggs are still around. End of story. lol. Sorry folks, I really tried to like it but at 1 hour 10 minutes, it lacks the blood and fun of Big Tits Zombie.

I LOVE Japanese school uniform.
I LOVE Japanese school uniform (is there an echo here?)
This guy is so dead..
I have seen this expression somewhere before :P
Talk about being penetrated =.=
Alien Hunter.
Of all the place, you put the gun there, some more just using a derringer to hunt a dangerous alien?
This is the best action in the movie, not enough blood =.=
Alien eggs

This would be a great scene if it was continued.

You have to see it yourself to see whether its your taste or not.

Dead Sushi

Maybe they got the idea from "Big Tits Zombie"'s sushi It's Dead Sushi, Noboru Iguchi latest movie.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Star Wars show

Done at Queensbay over the weekend in conjunction with The New Hope 3D movie release.

Made in China

Surprisingly these were made in China too.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I was googling for Taiga and this picture turned up.

Some geography lesson, Taiga, also known as the boreal forest, is a biome characterized by coniferous forests.

Of course that's not the Taiga that I was looking

The new Malaysian 50 cents coin

I wonder why these were introduced too. It keeps messing up the vending machines. The new Malaysian 50 cents coin has the same color as the new 20 cents coin but the size is a bit bigger.

First I thought those were dents by the side, but actually it is designed that way. I wonder why?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Knives that I want to buy

I promised myself that I will buy a knife when I come back from my conference at the Philippines this month. I wanted to buy a knife, then I got the balisong that was damn crappy, so now I will buy a good knife that will not fail on me. Basically there are two choices.

 Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6

This knife is a monster, but in practical is not very convenient to carry as it is damn long. Maybe for value purposes, since Cold Steel does not produce them anymore. I know one shop that has one, and it costs RM300.

Spyderco Tenacious

Has a very good reputation, and is more people friendly, unlike the Ti-Lite that will cause people to flee in terror. Its around RM220, if I am not mistaken.

I saw one knife that I cannot afford as it costs around rm950. Its a Swiss Army damascus knife. There are only three in Penang, and two have been taken already.

The KFC Incident

I don't really fancy KFC, but this incident triggered an interest in it. There was a fight between a customer and staff of KFC over chicken that ran out of stock. The staff claimed that the customer hurled racial abuse, but according to eye witness, there was no such thing.

I always wondered why some people want to make it a racial issue. Is it because they think that people will support their own race only no matter right or wrong? Think for yourself, would you support someone of your own race that has embezzled money?

Some people say that the customer does not speak fluent Malay, thus he has poor communication skills. Well, throwing a punch is also poor communication skills.

And I would say that the KFC management response is damn pathetic and not professional at all.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


An embarrassment to Lecturers everywhere.

Machete Kills

I am very excited when I heard the news there is going to be another Machete movie in the making.

The new film finds Machete recruited by the U.S. Government for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man. Machete must battle his way through Mexico to take down a madman cartel leader and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war across the planet with a weapon in space. Machete takes on an army in an effort to dismantle a plan for global anarchy.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life is Dead

Kosuke Hishinuma’s “Life is Dead”, an adaptation of Tomohiro Koizumi’s manga.

Zombies can turn humans by both biting them and as a STD. There are also levels of Zombification. Now that this virus is running rampant the government is trying to control it by putting a collar on ever zombie over level 3. Unfortunately for Yukio, he is a level 3. This is his story.

My new balisong (not really)

Finally I got my balisong that I ordered like 3 years ago..ha ha. I used to flip balisongs, but now I prefer fixed blade cause its stronger. This one is just for fun. I think its China made and the finish is not that smooth, I have seen another balisong at the shop, maybe I should buy that and make a comparison.
Comparing it with my AK47 knife, I think the AK is more solid, plus that is assisted opening.
My next knife should either be a Cold Steel or Spyderco.

The new 20 cents coin..

I was shopping around last weekend and came across the new 20 cents coin. It is smaller then the current 20 cents coin. This is sure gonna mess up the vending machines. The size is just a bit bigger than the 10 cents coin. They keep changing the coins, I still have a RM1 coin that has been obsoleted.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Now they have made every zombie movie =.=

The story follows Dusty, a yoga instructor from Colorado, who is on a desperate rescue mission to save her crazy brother Derek, a conspiracy theorist who is convinced Osama Bin Laden is still alive, despite having been buried at sea. In Afghanistan, Dusty falls in with a team of NATO Special Forces on a secret assignment. Turns out Derek is not so crazy after all, and that Osama has returned from his watery grave and is making an army of zombie terrorists. When the group crashes headlong into the growing zombie apocalypse, Dusty and the troops must find and destroy the root of the zombie insurgency before it infests the rest of the world.