Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas is coming

Just some preview of things to come in December.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Encounter of a spooky kind

Just finished marking the exams, and its kinda late, and I am kinda tired.But as promised, here is the review of "Encounter of a Spooky Kind".
Samo's wife is cheating him and is having an affair with a rich man, one time they were almost caught and the rich man managed to escape but left his shoes behind.

So the rich man and his minion deviced a plan to kill Samo by hiring a priest to kill hin via black magic.
However the priest's "brother" don't agree with it. By brother, I mean they studied together. Let's call him the good priest.
They tricked Samo into guarding an old house that has a vampire inside it. Mind you, this is a Chinese Vampire who hops, unlike Edward Cullen.Luckily Samo meets the good priest who advised him to sleep on the rafters.
The evil priest did a ceremony to awaken and control the vampire in the house. I love these ceremonies.

Since Samo is on the rafters, the vampire cannot find him.
It seems tha controlling a vampire requires a lot of energy, and the evil priest needed a drink in the middle of the ceremony.
On the second day, the good priest advised Samo to get 50 chicken eggs and black dog blood. He just need to break an egg every time the Vampire tries to come out. And pour the dogs blood when he ran out of eggs. Unfortunately the egg seller has only 40 chicken eggs and "mixed" 10 duck eggs with them.
So the evil priest's second attempt.
Everytime Samo breaks a chicken egg into the casket, he will be flipped behind.
Then finally the duck egg was selected and we have Vampire kung fu.
 Remember the drink in the first night, now the cup is much bigger..lol

Lucky for Samo he managed to splash the dog's blood on the vampire.
 And not so lucky for the priest.

The plan failed, so they came out with another plan. They made it look like Samo has killed his wife.
He was arrested and was about to be executed when he escaped.
In a funny incident,Samo was being chased by a living dead, he was running and in front of him was the police who were looking for him.
The followers saw the ghost and ran away first.

Since he escaped, the rich man and the evil priest decided to kill with black magic, lucky he met the good priest.
Since the magic did not work, he send 3 ghosts to kill them, but they managed to defeat the ghosts and found out who send them.
The final battle.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

If you have a hard time studying Engineering

I know a lot of students who want to study Engineering because of its prestige and reputation but cannot make left from right of circuits. I think one way to make them understand faster is using games, since all students now like games. The game below demonstrate how to complete a circuit, although I cannot verify that nothing will explode when you make a connection this way.

One day you meet a cute girl in the bus and exchanged phone numbers.

A few days later, you receive a phone from her saying her TV was broken and she asked you whether you can help with it.

Time to test your circuit diagrams.

Your "reward"..lol