Monday, November 8, 2010

The Holy Virgin versus the Evil Dead

A campy 80s Hong Kong movie, taking the title from the famous Evil Dead movie.

The Evil Dead aka Moon Monster

By the start you know you are going to enjoy this movie cause its showing tits and

Just to get you interested, more T&

Suggestion, prepare some beer and take a swig every time you see someone naked, by the end of the movie, you will be dead drunk. ha ha

A very young Donnie Yen stars in this movie. He is a Professor who was having a picnic with his students when they were attacked by the Evil Dead.

Red moon indicates the monster is going to come out.

The monster attacked the students, the Professor fought the monster but was knocked out.

By the time he came to, all the students were dead. Say, my students, lets go for a picnic one of these days..:P

He was the main suspect in the case and was let go on bail.

The detective investigating the case.

His girlfriend, not holy or a, but plays an important role in the movie.

Soon, there's another red moon, and another murder, this time in front of an idol.

The Professor investigates the idol and meets another Professor.

Meanwhile, someone is meeting the moon monster and told him, he needs to find a girl born of yin time to get his powers. Can you guess who is the girl born of yin time?????

If you answer is the girl Professor, its wrong, its the detective's girlfriend.

They managed to stop the moon monster by electrocuting it in the swimming pool.

The moon monster is not dead as it rises again and kills the coroner and the girl Professor.

So the professor, the detective, his girlfriend and another friend decided ti go to Cambodia where the moon monster originated.

Meanwhile in Cambodia, this is the real Holy Virgin, daughter of a tribe's chief.

I totally understand the concept of "If you want to marry me, you have to beat me", but why must you attack the girl with a sword, God forbid that you accidentally slash her. He lost of course.

Suddenly there was a storm, indicating a bad thing is about to happen.

Meanwhile the detective's girlfriend was kidnapped.

Holy Virgin vs Evil Dead - Round 1. She managed to injure the evil dead, but was injured in the process too.
She was found and saved by the Professor and Detective.

There was an exchange of an ancient book with the detective's girlfriend which ends in a shootout.Wow, the Professor can shoot too.

The good guy were winning until the appearance of the Moon Monster, who was chased away by the Holy Virgin. So both sides retreated.

The went back and regroup and decided to look for the Holy Virgin's father on how to defeat the Moon Monster but they found the village deserted when they went there.

The villagers were doing some ceremony with the bad guys as the chief was captured.

They killed the tribe's chief, thus starting the final battle.

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