Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Saturday at Queensbay

Finally have some free time after finish marking all the assignments. Early morning I went to college, just to see if the students have anything to ask before their exam next week.

 Emoing at the

After 1, I went to Queensbay, it seems there are a lot of activities today. I went there cause my friend ask me to find a certain product, found it at SaSa but the salesgirl was quite blur on which is the correct product. Have to refer back later.

I don't get it, why is it that everytime there is a property fair, they always call the drummers to give a show, or a feng shui "expert".

There is also an auto fair, I have the chance the Malaysian version of Mitsubishi Lancer, the Proton, sorry, sorry, Proton Inspira.

If you have rm45, you can buy a Suzuki Swift, pity I have a car already.

Tomorrow is the Penang Bridge run so they were preparing cause Queensbay is the start and finish area.

Finally, they are opening a new hardware store in Queensbay, hope they sell chainsaw....

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