Sunday, November 7, 2010

Android Game Projects

I have two game ideas that can be implemented in android. So I better write it down before I forget about it.

1. Monster shooting game

In this game, swarms of flying bats head straight for you. Your task is to shoot these bats using a touch on the android phone. The numbers of bats can be random, and you gun has limited bullets. When the bullets ran out, you have to reload via shaking the phone, or other means available.

In the beginning of the game, you have three life, if you get hit by a bat, you lose a life. Losing three life means game over.

After you killed a certain number of bats, the boss will come out. If the bats movement is linear, the boss attack in a rotating circle, thus making it harder to hit him. The boss have a cancel attack bar, you need to reduce this bar to 0 in a certain period of time, before it attacks you. Reducing the cancel attack bar also reduces the life of the boss.

Multi-levels can be implemented if you have time.

2. FPS multi directional enemy shooting.

This is an offshoot from Time Crisis 4, stage one where you are trapped with enemies coming from 3 directions. The shooting is still using the touch screen, but now you can scroll to the left and right using the screen.

Implementation in 3D is possible using OpenGL.

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