Thursday, November 25, 2010

Coming review - Encounter of a spooky kind

I am still rushing to finish the exam marking, so I have no time to do a proper movie review. Just give you all a sneak peak of the next movie - Encounter of a spooky kind.

This movie is produced in 1980, so its older than most of you. The title is a spin-off of "Encounter of a third kind".

I'll make a proper review when I finish marking, but here are some screen caps to catch your interest.

One of the earlier Samo Hung movie, if you are interested in film studies. Damn, I should have studied that when I was younger.

He is also the action choreographer.

A young Samo Hung

The ghost effect very

Director too
Some pre-review caps to show before making a review. Sorry folks, usually it will take me up to 3 hours to make a review, and I am kinda tired and busy tonight.

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