Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sign from God??

Maybe, just maybe its a sign from God, or maybe people see what they want to see. Even if its a sign from God, why do you want to keep it for medicinal purposes? Does the meat have power like God? That is my question? If you believe the beef has power than you got the concept wrong already..

Anyway, its interesting as the Christians have stigmata, while Buddhist monks leaves sarira (or relics, those shiny crystals) when they were cremated. So ponder about that...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Random thoughts

What is success?

If you ask people what is success, a lot of people will give you different definitions. I still remember one of my friends, he has a job, is married and have children and he considers himself a success. If that is a yardstick of success, I know some drug addicts were also married, so does it mean that they are successful? The thing is a lot of people use this flawed logic as a yardstick for success..

Thing about success is it takes a lot of time and effort. If you read a lot of stories of successful people, it took a lot of time and effort and sacrifices. Edison managed to create a bulb after like 999 times failing, Dunlop managed to create the rubber tire, but not before he was almost bankrupt. The problem with this world is a lot of people want overnight success. That's why there are a lot of get-rich quick schemes and so called MLM system. One of my ex-friend (note the word ex, he is not my friend anymore since an incident involving this MLM scheme =.=), is always boasting about how some people can make 50K per month, but he is still driving a clunky Proton Saga since 5 years ago.

So if you feel that your are not successful yet, please give yourself the benefit of the doubt and keep trying. Don't give up...

Problem-Transfer Syndrome

What is problem-transfer syndrom? This means you shift the responsibility of a problem to another person so the problem is not yours anymore. Let me show a few examples on how simple minded people use the problem-transfer technique.

Case 1:
I know someone who is gay, but his family keep nagging and nagging him to get married. So he got married, but he is still gay so who is suffering now, his wife. His family shifted their problem from the family to the wife, which is totally not fair. If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please do not burden others with the problem.

Case 2:
People borrow money from ah long, ran away and let their family answer the ah long.

Case 3:
Parents who cannot control their children wished the teaches/lecturers to do what they themselves cannot do. Thus came one of the most famous response from teachers, "Well, he is not my kid"...

The conclusion is, if you cannot solve your own problem, try not to shift it to others...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

By the river of Parit Buntar

I went to Parit Buntar on Friday and went by the Kerian river, they have built platforms along the river bank so you can just enjoy the scenery or just go fishing. Let the pictures tell the story..

You can see a similar platform on the opposite side of the bank, for you information, the other side is in Kedah, Parit Buntar is in Perak.

On the Perak side, the platform is like this..

Then went walking around the park by the river..

They have this water fountain contraption..

Translated: Kid's Water Park

The view by the river bank is beautiful...

Classical lamp

The bridge on the river Kerian, connection Kedah and Perak

Thank God its raining on the 4th day of Raya

Raya is the time of visiting and getting visitors. And I have problem with the auntie types. They never stop asking this and that.

The funny thing is a lot of people have the impression that I am still studying. Do I look that young that a lot of people think think that I am still studying. And when they know I am already working, they will ask when I am gonna buy a car, this n that. Really pissed me off, later I buy a Lancer Evolution 6 then they know...Cannot afford the 12 one..

Finally on Wednesday, it was raining heavily so there were no visitors..wahahaha

Raya Stuff

Just show you some of the food that was served during the Raya season. Don't ask me the name of the cookies cause I don't know..

Ketupat + Lemang + Chicken Curry + Beef Rendang

Dried Jelly

And this is how you make dried jelly

Cat in the basket and other stuff

Finally I am back after 1 week away. Just arrived back this morning, went to Queensbay to walk around, so now its time to update my blog.

This is one of my cat, so called cat in the basket, cause he likes to sleep in my bike basket..

Another cat n kitten...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Away for Raya

I will be away for Raya starting Saturday until next Sunday. Not sure if my hometown have the wireless broadband signal or not, so see you if I can online. Otherwise see you in a week's time

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays to all...

Dungeons & Dragons - Tiny Adventure

I love D&D games. In the old days, we would play the board game of D&D, I think none of you have ever played the manual game, using boards and dices.

Then I move to computer games, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, played them all.

Now facebook has an D&D game inside it. Not as good as the computer game, but is bearable..

Its a text based game, and you have to wait around 10 minutes from one event to another event. A lot of my friends are playing paladin, but who needs a paladin when you can play a drow (dark elves). And the most famous of drow is D&D is Drizzt Do'Urden

Text Based Adventure

The shop has limited items...
So give it a try...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cool Car

This is one cool classic car, Datsun Fairlady..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lecturers are just humans...

Why the bad rap? Lecturers are just humans, not your moral guardian of the world. The days of teachers as "moral guardians" have long past, so please don't give the lecturers a hard time.

Politicians on the other hand..hmmm

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't Put Religious Symbols on Your Car

I never put religious symbols on my vehicle, and for good reason. Last weekend, I was cruising by the beach site, when I saw a car stopped by the roadsite, and inside the car, someone was smoking. What he did in the fasting month was his own business, but his car sticker is those Holy Quran words. Talk about your paradox...

What is the purpose of those stickers? To protect you? Then you get the concept wrong, it is God who protects you. And I have seen a person possessed tore up a Holy Book.

Been busy lately

Sorry did not update my blog since last week. I was busy preparing examination questions and preparing for the Ministry audit too.

I am actually feeling very stressed, so just looking for a fight now. can you imagine that you have to prepare 2 sets of questions for just 2 students. That's completely a waste of resources. If the students cannot graduate on time, its their fault for failing the subjects. Unless there is a problem in the scheduling, this things should not happen...

I almost got hit from behind when I was turning to a junction last Thursday night. I really feel like killing the other guy, if people give signal, please give way and try not to cut from behind. If the guy did not run away, I would most probably hurt him, its a lonely road anyway with no witnesses. So please be considered and not break the law, before people break the law on you..

Hari Raya is coming soon, and I did not buy any jeans yet. Been to Levis for 2 days, but there were too many people to shop. The onlu jeans available are Guess (RM599) but its too expensive for my taste anyway. Quiksilver jeans don't have the nice color this time. Hmmm, I guess I have to think firts before buying.

Still have a few things to settle before my holiday, which I did not apply yet..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dream Come True

Finally Robert Rodriguez is gonna make a full length film out of his fake trailer Machete which can be seen in Planet Terror. Can't wait for the full film..

Scene from the fake trailer

Our hero, Danny Trejo

According to the info, Steven Seagal will also be acting as the crime lord. Robert De Nero as a corrupt senator.

Others are Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and Michelle Rodriguez.

And Don Johnson too. Impressive casts ha ha.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For God sake...

We have enough people blowing themselves up, attacking school children and killing people in the name of "Jihad". For God sake, stop misusing the term.

If this is Jihad, are you saying that what they did is Islamic? Remember the end does not justify the means.

Excuse me while I go vomit....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sim Brothel - level 8 girls

Finally figured out how to get the girls to level 8..

The charisma, reputation and refinement statistics must be 100%, only then will you manage to reach level 8.

Tested my theory, Hinata lacked 20 to make her charisma 100.

Actually you can increase the stats using some items.

After increasing the stats, finally

Monday, September 7, 2009

New shirts from Esprit

Finally bought 2 Esprit shirts for 198. If you buy two, the second one, you get 40% off. I meant to buy a checkered shirt, but my last checkered shirt, I wore like less than 20 times, and I bought it like 2 years ago..ha ha.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

How strong is your Faith/Where does your Faith lie?

I don't wish to take side in this issue. Both sides have their weakness I guess....

An interesting afterthought is where does your faith lie or how strong is your faith? A lot of people believe in God, and say God is the greatest, or my Religion is the true religion, but get their knees shaken by the presence of another Religion or just Religious symbol.

I still remembered in the 1980s, there was one time that RTM was showing an advertisement that includes a star, and a lot of people saw a cross and became paranoid. Then they started seeing crosses everywhere. Is your Faith so weak, that the sight a cross might turn you into an unbeliever??

In the 1990, there was an news that if a Muslim touches Holy Water, he will become an unbeliever. And a lot of people really believe this. But actually the concept of Holy Water is only in Catholic church, according to my friend, he is a Protestant. There was a debate among my friends, until one of the new convert ask, If you believe in the power of the water more than God, you, yourself is an unbeliever. That really shut up the whole debate.

So where does your Faith lie and how strong is it? only you can answer my friends, cause God knows what is in your heart....

For the record, I am a Muslim, and one of my good friend is a Christian, but none manage to convert the other, cause we know were our faith lies.....

Some Advice on Sim Brothel

There are three levels. If you never played before, try the easy level first until you understand how to play it.

The game plays over 300 days. You have "missions" to settle every 30 days. The missions are random so don't expect the same missions every time. Solving the mission grant you a special "joker". Every week you will get a normal joker. Use it, otherwise it will disappear the next week and you get another joker.

The most important statistic are the charisma and refinement. You can increase it using experience. Don't forget to change the price after each week or you will be short of money. You can choose where the girl will work. At the initial stage, you get the shack which cater for 1 person, so don't be overzealous in buying other girls.

You have to be careful and choose wisely when using the joker. For example, since you have only one girl at the beginning, the 300 XP is not worth that much and I recommend you take the money.

Once she has some experience, click change price, then estimate. The stats can be increased by using the experience points. Mind you that different girls uses different amount of experience points.

Once you have enough money to cover your mission and extra, what do you do, buy girls, no, you should buy a house first. Then only you buy a girl. Don't buy girls more than the spaces in your houses, unless that is a mission, like have 14 girls before certain days..

After you buy a house, you got extra working space, har har..

When it comes to buying girls, try to get the one with high charisma or refinement and low character. If you just started, you can't go wrong with either of these girls.

If you managed to solve your mission, you will get a special joker. Please use the joker before the completion of the next mission. How you use the joker is also up to your choice.

Usually I asked for a girl, cause girls obtained from special joker have high charisma or refinement, depending on your luck..

Once a while, you should rank up your girls. Then their price increases.

Don't ask me how to level the girls to level 8, I managed to level up until 7 only...