Friday, September 4, 2009

Random thoughts

I was bored tonight so I decided to go to Queensbay after breaking fast. I really like to absorb the festive season, watching people shopping, the complex playing Raya song and so on. The funny thing is I don't really like to buy new clothes for any festival.

Its amazing how some people are into the festivities that they buy so many of those traditional clothes. Usually these clothes are worn only during Raya and then kept in the closet for the whole year. So I was wondering, why buy so many, since there is a high possibility that you will wear it once a year.

Now I am in a dilemma on what I should buy. The traditional clothes, I have last year's and I wore it like 3 times only..ha ha. Saw some checkered shirt, grunge look for Raya? ha ha. Still considering. Actually I don't want to buy, but just buy one to make my dad happy..

So gonna make up my mind tomorrow..ha ha.

Since I am considering that, maybe I should get Levis patch jeans to accompany that. Have not worn torn jeans since my study days...

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