Monday, September 28, 2009

Random thoughts

What is success?

If you ask people what is success, a lot of people will give you different definitions. I still remember one of my friends, he has a job, is married and have children and he considers himself a success. If that is a yardstick of success, I know some drug addicts were also married, so does it mean that they are successful? The thing is a lot of people use this flawed logic as a yardstick for success..

Thing about success is it takes a lot of time and effort. If you read a lot of stories of successful people, it took a lot of time and effort and sacrifices. Edison managed to create a bulb after like 999 times failing, Dunlop managed to create the rubber tire, but not before he was almost bankrupt. The problem with this world is a lot of people want overnight success. That's why there are a lot of get-rich quick schemes and so called MLM system. One of my ex-friend (note the word ex, he is not my friend anymore since an incident involving this MLM scheme =.=), is always boasting about how some people can make 50K per month, but he is still driving a clunky Proton Saga since 5 years ago.

So if you feel that your are not successful yet, please give yourself the benefit of the doubt and keep trying. Don't give up...

Problem-Transfer Syndrome

What is problem-transfer syndrom? This means you shift the responsibility of a problem to another person so the problem is not yours anymore. Let me show a few examples on how simple minded people use the problem-transfer technique.

Case 1:
I know someone who is gay, but his family keep nagging and nagging him to get married. So he got married, but he is still gay so who is suffering now, his wife. His family shifted their problem from the family to the wife, which is totally not fair. If you cannot solve the problem yourself, please do not burden others with the problem.

Case 2:
People borrow money from ah long, ran away and let their family answer the ah long.

Case 3:
Parents who cannot control their children wished the teaches/lecturers to do what they themselves cannot do. Thus came one of the most famous response from teachers, "Well, he is not my kid"...

The conclusion is, if you cannot solve your own problem, try not to shift it to others...

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