Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sim Brothel - level 8 girls

Finally figured out how to get the girls to level 8..

The charisma, reputation and refinement statistics must be 100%, only then will you manage to reach level 8.

Tested my theory, Hinata lacked 20 to make her charisma 100.

Actually you can increase the stats using some items.

After increasing the stats, finally


Anonymous said...

idk... I maxed out Yuna's 9 Stats that are supposed to go up and couldn't get her to Level Up! I had other girls max out other variations of skills and still couldn't level them to 8!

I guess my game's broken!

Anonymous said...

update day 281 didn't own the Central Palace but I just bought it and I can now Level Up the 25 girls that I've had sitting stuck at 7th Level!

extra side note: the mission bonus to give all the girls 5APs failed.