Monday, March 31, 2008

New Shirts ^^

I was on leave today so go Gurney for a walk la.

Went to the Docker's shop and the salesman say "Welcome back friend. there are some sales today". Am I that familiar, I just see him last month =.=

Then I concluded, must be my old shirt, been wearing that since 2005. Yes folks, I am running out of shirts, only that and my "I see dead people" shirt.Old Shirt =.=

So time to hunt for new shirts I guess. And find shirts with messages again.

After hunting for a while, found 2 at queensbay. Gosh, how did I end up there? ^^

I was doing an impression of someone i know in front of the mirror ^^, then realized the message terbalik @.@

The correct message ^^. And its less that RM80 ok =.=

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A course I would love to study ^^


A man handed his beloved 14 roses.
13 roses are real & 1 is fake .
He said I'll love you until the last one dies..
She gladly accepted them.
But when she grabbed them , She said "one of these is fake!"
He said "exactly. that's because I will love you forever."

I am not out to spoil a romantic message, but a poser question "Is his love true or fake then?"

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kitchen Sink

I went to my office today and saw this on the tableIt reminded me of the old school cartoon, where the characters will have anvils and kitchen sink dropped on them from above. Was tempted to try, but did not see my target.

By the way, if there was a fight, i could say, i hit them with everything, including the kitchen sink.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

18 Palm Malay translated

I think the translation to Malay also not bad

利涉大川 / 利涉大川 ( It is a good time to cross the Great River)

時乘六龍 / 时乘六龙 ( Occasionally riding on Six Dragons)

飛龍在天 / 飞龙在天 ( Flying dragon in the sky)

履霜冰至 / 履霜冰至 ( When you step on frost, know that a great snow storm is coming)

Yes, the order i put is wrong, the 18th palm is 震驚百里 / 震惊百里 ( Far-Reaching Shock)

Extension of the new track

Refer to my new track blog, at the end there is more space.The road is wet cause it juz rained =.=

Akina Speed Star bike?

Initial D fans should know this group. Suddenly saw a bike with the sticker. Interesting

The Moves of the 18 Styles Dragon Subduing Palm

Got the drawing here

ha ha

Translated version:- Thanks my friend ^^

1. 亢龍有悔 / 亢龙有悔 ( Haughty Dragon showing Remorse)
2. 飛龍在天 / 飞龙在天 ( Flying dragon in the sky)
3. 龍戰於野 / 龙战于野 ( Dragon battling in the wild)
4. 潛龍勿用 / 潜龙勿用 ( Use not the Hidden Dragon) - sorry, Ang.
5. 利涉大川 / 利涉大川 ( It is a good time to cross the Great River) - or, as you like it, "It's a good day to die".
6. 鴻漸於陸 / 鸿渐于陆 ( Swan goose approaching the land) - don't ask.
7. 突如其來 / 突如其来 ( Out of the blue) - haha.
8. 震驚百里 / 震惊百里 ( Far-Reaching Shock) - or, Shock wave shaking an area of 100-mile radius. What a mouthful.
9. 或躍在淵 / 或跃在渊 ( Perhaps a Leap from the Deep Pond)
10. 神龍擺尾 / 神龙摆尾 ( Divine dragon swinging tail) - "wagging" is so, well, DOGish.
11. 見龍在田 / 见龙在田 ( Seeing dragon in the field)
12. 雙龍取水 / 双龙取水 ( Twin dragon fetching water)
13. 魚躍於淵 / 鱼跃于渊 ( Fish leaping in Deep Pond) - I see that Mr. Cha was running out of ideas.
14. 時乘六龍 / 时乘六龙 ( Occasionally riding on Six Dragons) - riding, in the most innocent sense, please.
15. 密雲不雨 / 密云不雨 ( Dark sky without rain)
16. 損則有孚 / 损则有孚 ( Failed in doing something despite being faithful to one's promise) - beats me.
17. 履霜冰至 / 履霜冰至 ( When you step on frost, know that a great snow storm is coming)
18. 羝羊觸藩 / 羝羊触藩 ( A ramming ram ramming the fence) - hahahahaha. Actually, it means "a ram having its horn stuck in a fence", which means "being in a dilemma".

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Xianglong Shiba Zhang

Xianglong Shiba Zhang (18 Dragon-Subduing Palms) (降龍十八掌/降龙十八掌)

1. 亢龍有悔 / 亢龙有悔 ( Mighty Dragon show Remorse)
2. 飛龍在天 / 飞龙在天 ( Flying dragon in the sky)
3. 龍戰於野 / 龙战于野 ( Dragon in the wild)
4. 潛龍勿用 / 潜龙勿用
5. 利涉大川 / 利涉大川
6. 鴻漸於陸 / 鸿渐于陆
7. 突如其來 / 突如其来
8. 震驚百里 / 震惊百里
9. 或躍在淵 / 或跃在渊
10. 神龍擺尾 / 神龙摆尾 ( Divine dragon wagging tail)
11. 見龍在田 / 见龙在田 ( Dragon in the field)
12. 雙龍取水 / 双龙取水 ( Twin dragon fetching water)
13. 魚躍於淵 / 鱼跃于渊
14. 時乘六龍 / 时乘六龙
15. 密雲不雨 / 密云不雨 ( Dark sky without rain)
16. 損則有孚 / 损则有孚
17. 履霜冰至 / 履霜冰至
18. 羝羊觸藩 / 羝羊触藩

Translate for me?

College of the Dead part 9

A zombie rushed towards X and S...

X stabbed the zombie with his two balisongs, while S chopped off the legs of the zombies attacking them..

Another zombie rushed towards X. X stopped it in its track by stabbing the neck with one knife and stabbing the shoulder with another. The hand of the zombie fell off.

"You need a hand, S?"

"Ha ha, very funny"

In the middle of fighting the zombies, suddenly the ground shook.

A Huge zombie is heading this way, and its as big as an elephant. Its carrying a huge mace in its hand and had chains around the neck and arms..

"Here comes the level one monster boss" said X..

S took out the PDA and did an analysis on the monster.

"That zombie is type Fool..weakness point the head"

"Wonderful, why can't the weakness point be somewhere where its easy to reach" sighed X.

The monster swung the big chain towards X and S, X dived to the right while S dived to the left. The chain hit a huge rock which shatters to pieces.

X threw one of the balisongs towards the monster's head, which hit it in the eyes..

The monster swung the chain towards S, who blocked it with the katana. The chain was stuck to the sword, so S stabbed the sword to a rock, holding the chain in place.

Now the monster is stuck and cannot move..

"S, here" as X threw the machete towards S. S grabbed the machete and stabbed the monster on the leg.

X threw the second balisong towards the monster, which hit it on the back of the neck. The monster screamed and pulled the balisong out of its eyes and threw it to the ground.

The monster swung the mace towards S who blocked it with the machete. The impact was so great that the machete flew off. S fell backwards and the monster swung the mace again.

"S" as X lunged forward and hit the monster with his open palm.

The monster fell backwards and hit the wall. The impact was so great that it broke the chain around the monster's neck. The monster got up and flee to the inner cave.

"Hey, I want my knife back" yelled X to the monster. "You ok S?" as he pulled S up.

"Thanks, that move you hit the monster with, I have seen it before. That's one of the 18 styles of the Dragon Slaying Palm right?

to be continued ..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Impression of Hell Girl Website (I disabled the send, unless lotsa requests :P)

Who Should FAIL?



I see this building is protected by Ultraman so no monsters will ever attack it.

I Have Drinking Problem

See, i have drinking problem. Spilled water on my shirt while drinking.Sweat joke right? =.=

New Track?

While I am still in my Initial D mood, i saw something interesting this afternoon.

Basically we can do two things here.

1. Time Trial
Go down the slope as fast as possible, make a U turn around the tree and drive up the slope again.

2. Drift as close as possible to the metal divider.
Its a long way down though :P

Monday, March 24, 2008

10 Signs you are an Initial D Fan

10. You drive a really old car..
9. You work at a petrol station
8. You like to challenge cars with higher cc
7. You have this sleepy look when you come to class/college.
6. You wear New Balance shoes
5. You put a cup of water on the cup holder when you drive.
4. When you go to Batu Feringgi area, you are tempted to put your tires in the drain gutter.
3. You like to drive at the hill area at Paya Terubong at night.
2. You have some sticker at the side of the car like "Penang Asam Laksa"
1. You switch off your lights when you cut other cars off at night.

The Hunt for a New Knife

That day I went to my knife shop and was surprised that it was not there anymore.

Then I went looking at Prangin Mall, its all the low quality knives, so I did not buy any..

Almost gave up, then, I got an email, it seems that my knife shop has move to a new location..

So excited ^^V

So boss, can give me free knife next time I come eh? I give you free promotion

College of the Dead part 8

The Boss and 2 of the volunteers survivors walk the corridor of the college, searching for survivors of the zombies attack.

Lets check the cafeteria first, said the Boss, holding his AK. One of the survivors is using the other AK and the second one is using the Glock 17 gun.

When they reached the cafeteria, they entered cautiously. Inside they saw a lot of dead zombies lying on the ground.

"What happened here?" ask one survivors.

"Hmm, it seems that the zombies ate the food at the cafeteria and died of food poisoning, thank God it never happened before" deducted the Boss.

"Maybe they died of shock of the expensive price of the shit we ate daily" remarked one of the survivors.

"Maybe" smirked the Boss.

"Any survivors here?" yell the Boss.

"yes, we are here in the kitchen".

"well, lock yourself there, this is the safest place you can be now"

"Lets go to other places and check" said the Boss.

"What about the library?" said one of the survivors.

"Well, I think no one will go there, but lets check it out anyway" said the Boss.

As they reached the library, they saw the Librarian and several students fighting with zombies, hitting them with big books from the shelves.

The Boss shot a few of the zombies while the librarian managed to bash one of the zombies' head off.

The Boss reached the place and saw the librarian was holding the "Introduction to Java Programming" book as a weapon.

"well, that book will even kill any LIVING person reading it" remarked the Boss.

"Maybe you can send out an order on the book "Fighting Zombies for Dummies" if we survive this zombie attack" said the Boss.

"Ooo, we have a lot of Dummies here already" smiled the librarian..

"You all go to either the cafeteria or the exam hall, the survivors are there holding up" said the Boss.

"lets go to the marketing department" said one of the survivor with the AK..

"The marketing department? Don't worry about them, I think they can bull until the zombies believe they are living, i am sure" remarked the Boss.

"What about Quality department" said the other survivor.

"Them, I think they will introduce procedures that the zombies need to follow before the zombies can eat them. Fill a form , make 7 copies bla bla bla, takes 3 days to process. The zombies will just give up trying to eat them cause of too many procedures"..

"What about HR"

"Let the zombies eat them up for all I care, then we can look for new people"

Meanwhile in the manhole....

X and S have walked through a damp tunnel until they reached a locked gate.

"I don't like the look of that" S said, referring to the zombies on the other side..

The zombies keep pushing at the gate until it crashed down..crushing some of the zombies..

"Get Ready", said X, holding the 2 balisongs and S brandishing the katana as the zombies move closer.

To Be Continued....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Love Flower

This is from the story "The Condor Hero" shén diāo xiá lǚi

In the novel, there is a flower called the Love Flower which although beautiful, has hidden thorns. The thorns are very poisonous and it could be fatal if pricked by even one of them. Upon any thoughts of love, the victim would be hurt by the poison.

Porn via SMS?(Thats not me ha)

The number has been hidden just in case any of you itchy hands wanna try.

Top 10 signs your cat is an alien

10. There are mysterious UFO landing signs behind your house.
9. You found rats bodies that have been zapped by something.
8. Your cat has blue blood.
7. A car once hit your cat, the car was badly damaged but your cat is fine.
6. You caught your cat in front of the computer, using messenger.
5. Your cat fell out of a tree and sprouted wings.
4. Your cat like to watch animal planet and can turn on the tv itself
3. Pizza Hut delivered lasagna to you house, claiming someone called them and ordered lasagna.
2. Your cat can walk on 2 legs
1. Your cat glows in the dark.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An interesting view..

My friend wrote a long article on the current state of the economy. I would like to share the article here. Please visit his blog for more interesting articles.


So, what exactly is wrong with our country's economy?

I won't pretend to be an economist and say that my words are conclusive and all-inclusive; I'm only trying to discuss here one of the many factors that has contributed to that.

Case in point: Two years ago, my wife decided to take over the failing kindergarten of our church, feeling that it was necessary to continue to provide low-cost preschool learning (if you are a parent of preschool children, you will know what kind of expenses are involved in sending kids to kindergartens) to poorer families in the area.

We operated the place at a constant loss, partly because of the low fee, and mostly because of the various repairs that still needed to be done to the place to improve the children's safety. One of the more immediate concern was the lack of fences around the classrooms. We did not want the kids to run too far away from the classrooms (there is a huge field beside the classrooms, and behind it is a 10-acre palm oil estate; on the other side is a residential area), so having a fence was vital.

Our church consists of a small congregation of middle to lower income people, so we decided to look elsewhere first for help.

We wrote to our state assemblyman (to be fair, let me make it clear that it was a BN assemblyman) asking for a grant for building the fence, pointing out the charitable nature of the kindergarten and the need to ensure the children's safety.

Not very long afterward, we were informed that we had been granted RM5,000 for building the fence. We were overjoyed, and very thankful towards that kind and helpful state assemblyman.

(Here I'll skip that part about the 3-month wait from the time we were informed about the grant and the time we actually received it. The impossibility of red-tape! *Sigh*)

We were told that we would not receive the grant directly in cash, but rather, the state would appoint a contractor to build the fence. Well, that was understandable; otherwise, any Tom, Dick and Harry can apply for a grant for some phantom cause and just spend the cash on personal indulgences. So we contacted the appointed contractor to have him survey the place.

Now, there are 6 classrooms built in a row, with doors on both sides (4 doors for each classroom), and we wanted fences on both sides (we realized that the grant might not be enough to cover an extended perimeter around the six classrooms).

But after looking around, the contractor - a very nice Malay chap, let's call him Contractor B - pointed out that with the given money, he could only build a stretch of fence for one side of the classroom. "Just keep the doors on the other side closed." Material costs (cement, steel, etc.) were impossibly high, he pointed out.

We were dumbfounded. RM5,000 just to build a stretch of fence the length of 6 classrooms plus a small office at the fron)?

The contractor explained with some difficulty. It was not really RM5,000 that he had at his disposal. He was not the state-appointed contractor. The state-appointed contractor - another Bumi contractor, the difference being this one is well-connected, no doubt; let's call him Contractor A - had appointed him sub-contractor and given him RM4,500 to work with. "Other than material costs, I'll have to cover my workers' pay."

"OK, fine. But we know a supplier of building materials quite well, how about we find you the necessary materials at reduced costs? Can you, then, build two stretches, one on each side?"

After thinking for a while, he said, "How about RM4,200?"


"You find your own contractor. I'll take RM300 commission, and give you RM4,200."

Oh, I see...

And that's where Contractor C came into the picture. He wasn't even a fellow Christian, but he offered to help at no profit. "Just pay for the materials and my workers' wages." And he threw in quite a lot of his own old materials, at no charge.

Eventually, we got our two stretches of fence hemming in both sides of the classrooms, with RM700 to spare (which we put into other later developmental works).


Now, assuming that Contractor C accepted the RM700 profit, we may say that the fences were built with RM4,200. But the apparent cost was RM5,000. An unnecessary additional cost of RM800 was paid to two other contractors who ended up doing nothing.

RM800 is 16% out of RM5,000. That means 16% additional cost for nothing in return. That, to me, is an indication of where our inflation comes from. No wonder everything is so expensive nowadays.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against the Malay community, in general. Some of the friends I treasure most are Malays.

To me, Contractor A and Contractor B and others like them do not represent the entire Malay community, much less the poor among the Malay community.

To me, they are the few well-connected people who are the only ones benefiting from a policy that was meant to help the poor find their footing in the business world. Another classic case of the rich getting richer, while the poor continued to be marginalized.

Come to think of it, my contempt is towards Contractor A (and others like him) alone. For Contractor B, at least he started out trying to do an honest work (it wasn't wrong for him to try to get the most profit out of a job - that's what every businessman is out to do).

Nevertheless, he inadvertently contributed to the failure of our economy by giving up too easily. He settled for a small, quick profit of RM300 from doing nothing. By doing so, he gave up the opportunity to gain more experience from the job; by doing so, he gave up the opportunity to learn to be more competitive (how to achieve more with less); by doing so, he allowed his competitor, Contractor C (and others like him, not limited to just Chinese; there are many good Malay contractors out there; I've come to know several), to become more experienced and competitive.

Just think: with RM4,500, Contractor B was only able to build one stretch of fence (though I do not know what amount of profit he was looking at); with RM4,200, Contractor C was able to build two stretches of fence, and got a comfortable profit of RM700 (which he gave up for a charitable cause). Now, if these two were thrown into the increasingly globalized market, who will lose out?

Contractor B did not think he needed to be competitive, because there will always be people like Contractor A to hire him as sub-contractor. That means he will forever need to depend on the Government to give jobs to Contractor A (and the likes) so he could get what trickles downstream. I sincerely hope this does not represent the majority of Government projects.

A devastating side effect of the situation discussed above is corruption. With the most lucrative projects reserved for the few well-connected people, what are the others to do except to bribe their way in to become (or be associated with) one of the well-connected?


Another case: some time ago, we met, to our surprise, a cousin of my wife here in Penang (he's from Sarawak). He told us he was recently hired to work for a company in KL that had obtained a contract to work on some Government project around the Butterworth area. We were very pleased to see him, and had hoped to have many more merry meetings with him before the project was over.

However, two months later, he informed us that he was flying home. Permanently.

"Did you quit? Why?"

"I didn't quit, but the job no longer exists. The company decided to pull out of the project because they have worked on the thing for many months without having received a single cent of payment, and they are not sure they would ever get any payment at all."


"Well, you see, the company is actually the sixth sub-contractor down the line. The first contractor must have telan all the money, because the other sub-contractors above us haven't received anything either."


That explains the quality of work that we, the rakyat, get from these Government projects. Cracks in various highway flyovers; burst pipes in government buildings; the collapse of an entire new building! What next?

I rest my case.


And those well-connected, privileged few had the gall to incite the people into staging a demonstration on 14th March around Komtar.

Looking at the scene, I had the feeling of watching a late 19th century Chinese opium addict crying out to someone who took away his opium to help him quit, "Please, give it back to me! I need it! I cannot survive without it!"

Well, if you know your world history, you know what happened to the Qing Dynasty because of such people.

SMS says: Spoken like a true patriot. Well, I am a Malay, just in case any of you do not know. Its not a person that support DAP that betrays the Malays, but a person who says they are helping Malays but really helping their OWN pockets, doing a crappy job and giving Malays everywhere a bad reputation.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

College of the Dead part 7

"S, lay all the weapons on the table" says X.


"S, we are going down the manhole, choose your weapons, the rest we leave for the survivors here"

S choose the Glock 17, bullets for the MP5, and 4 flash grenades. Then S decided to bring lift the katana from the bag.

"Knew you are gonna pick that katana, your favorite movie is Kill Bill" smiled X.

X choose the Colt 1911, bullets for the MP5, and 4 flash grenades. Then X picked the two balisongs and put it in his pocket.

"Sorry, I forget to bring your katana" frowned S.

"Don't worry, remember the machete I borrowed" smiled X.

They distributed the rest of the weapons to the survivors.

"Be careful with that, make sure you know what you are shooting at, and try not to shoot each other in the back" advised X.

"And make sure you don't shoot any lecturers that you don't like" chipped S while smiling.

"Ok, you are in charge here, we are going down the manhole" said X to the Boss.

"Cover us, we are gonna open the main door" said X.

As they opened the door, 6 zombies that were waiting outside rushed to enter the exam hall. the Boss lifted the AK and took out three zombies. S and X shot 2 and the rest were shot by the other survivors.

S and X ran towards the field while the Boss close the door shut again.

The Boss turned and said "We need volunteers to go save the people in the management building"

"Can we let the zombies eat them up?" asked someone in the back.


"Awww, too bad" sighed them all.

"So lets plan our move"..

S and X have entered the manhole.

"What's that smell?" S asked.

"This area used to be a swamp, so thats swamp gas, which is highly flammable" X said

"Which means, no guns" said S as S took out the katana.

"Wonderful" said X as he flipped open the 2 balisongs, one in each hand.

to be continued ..

Monday, March 17, 2008

Who is Speed Racer?

Since the "Speed Racer" movie is coming soon, I would like to introduce the characters. Speed Racer is a 60s cartoon character, an almost first anime.

Speed Racer is a racer, with his car Mach 5, his dad "Pops Racer", his mom "Mom Racer". Gosh, don't you wish your family has a name like that? :P

He is usually aided by a mysterious masked racer, Racer X, who is actually his brother, Rex Racer. I guess this guy start the thingy with the X name. Hmm

One interesting thing about the original series is the main character looks like a girl. :P
Speed Racer
Racer X

So I patiently wait for the new "Speed Racer" movie. Synopsis of the movie..

Hurtling down the track, careening around, over and through the competition, Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is a natural behind the wheel. Born to race cars, Speed is aggressive, instinctive and, most of all, fearless. His only real competition is the memory of the brother he idolized—the legendary Rex Racer—whose death in a race has left behind a legacy that Speed is driven to fulfill.

Speed is loyal to the family racing business, led by his father, Pops Racer (John Goodman), the designer of Speed’s thundering Mach 5. When Speed turns down a lucrative and tempting offer from Royalton Industries, he not only infuriates the company’s maniacal owner (Roger Allam) but uncovers a terrible secret—some of the biggest races are being fixed by a handful of ruthless moguls who manipulate the top drivers to boost profits. If Speed won’t drive for Royalton, Royalton will see to it that the Mach 5 never crosses another finish line.

The only way for Speed to save his family’s business and the sport he loves is to beat Royalton at his own game. With the support of his family and his loyal girlfriend, Trixie (Christina Ricci), Speed teams with his one-time rival—the mysterious Racer X (Matthew Fox)—to win the race that had taken his brother’s life: the death-defying, cross-country rally known as The Crucible.

Kena Again..

Come to work today, thought all the moving finished already. Just coordinate some stuff. but in the end, the result is the same.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day of Moving Finale?

Date: 15 - 3 - 2008
I woke up early today. bath and got dressed. My shirt sum up the situation. Its wet from sweat, the "I SEE".

Kudos to the Hard Workers ^^

That's me waiting for some stuff

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Timberland Boots

Today I was moving stuff and its time to bring out my Timberland boots. Contrary to popular believe that boots are heavy. its really light. I bought it in 2006 and its still good.So I patiently wait for you and your CAT boots to return :P

Moving Day part 3

Today I got ready to move my stuff..Then I saw a familiar sight. Deja Vu. Refer to my blog, Day of the moving dead (tired)

Those metal things are heavy =.=
Lorry to carry stuffs
Suddenly noticed something interesting....
More stuff..

Finally done. All that is left is my table and a can of butter cookies given to me by Pamela..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How many of you get this?

What is 9 inches long and start with a p? a shit =.=|||

How do you make a bear cross? nail 2 together >.<

How does Darth Vader know the gift he is getting from Luke Skywalker for Christmas?
He felt his presence.

Day of Moving part 2

Rainy Day

Date: 12-3-2008
Time: Around 5.20 pm

Just finish a meeting. Went out and it was raining heavily.

Then I saw at the field, there was a flock of birds
I wish i had an SLR camera with zoom, it will make a nice picture.

College of the Dead Part 6

As X was running towards the exam hall, backup have just arrived in the form of S and two bags of weapons.

S took out 2 MP5, sling the 2 duffel bags on the back and ran after X.

X ran around a corner and the way was blocked by 10 zombies. He jumped and decapitated one of the zombies and kicked the second one away. 3 zombies which were nearby dashed toward X.

Three shots rang out and the heads of the 3 zombies exploded. S has just shot the zombies with the MP5. S threw an MP5 towards X, who caught it in mid air and dispatched the remaining 6 zombies by blowing their heads off. (Did I count correctly this time ? ^^V)

S reload the MP5 while X covered, looking for stray zombies.

Then S and X ran side by side towards the exam hall, mowing down any zombies they see attacking students.

"Hurry, follow us if you want to live"

They reached the exam hall "Get Ready" said X to S.

Suddenly the door burst and a zombie fall backwards with 3 pencils stuck to the throat. The boss has dispatched all the zombies in the exam hall with pencils.

"All of you go into the exam hall while we cover you" said X to the students following them.

As the last students entered the exam hall, X and S went inside and locked the door.

"Here, you might need this " X passed an AK 47 with 3 clips to the Boss.

"S, status report"

S took out a PDA and looked at the screen.

"There are approximately 100 zombies surrounding the college. The source of the contamination is located near the football field. The man hole there".

"Dammit, someone have to go down and stop the source of the contamination, while others save the people still attacked by zombies" said X.

"S, you come with me" said X

"And you get another person to help you save the survivor" said X to the Boss as he passed another AK to the Boss.

"Lets roll"

to be continued ..


Today I saw a lot of people eating Lollipops. Have you ever wondered about who created this sweet, and more importantly, why is there a stick at the end of the candy.

Enric Bernat come up with the idea of "Eating a sweet with a fork" in 1958. It is because kids always make a mess when eating sweets. Bernat got the idea from Mark Eaton, who complained about his child getting sticky hands from melting sweets and having to wipe them off on a cloth Hmm.

Thus the product "Chupa Chups" was born. Oh ya, he is Spanish...

Lollipops was made famous by Kojak An independent-minded police detective solves crimes on the streets of New York City.

Its a classic 70s show ok.

Who is Lazarus?

Last night I mentioned Lazarus to someone and the person was like
So here is some info on Lazarus, taken from Wikipedia.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Speed Dating

One word, WTF. They should have called it "Dating For Dummies". Sounds better.

By the way, there are no Cinderella or Prince Charming in this world, kids. So stop looking :P

You can only one day say "He/She is the One" :D

My Sweet 666

My Sweet 666 Lyrics by HIM

There are things you should know
And the distance between us seems to grow
But you're holding on strong
And oh how hard it iss to let go
I'm so hard to let go

I'm waiting for your call
and I'm ready to take your six six six in my heart
I'm longing for your touch
and I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart

I'm losing my faith in you
But you don't want it to be true
But there's nothing you can do
and There is nothing you can do
Yes, I've lost my faith in you

Waiting for your call
and I'm ready to take your six six six in my heart
I'm longing for your touch
and I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart

I know it's too late

Oh my god your so lonely

I'm waiting for your call
and I'm ready to take your six six six in my heart
And I'm longing for your touch
and I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart
I'm ready for the fall
and I'm ready to take your six six six in my heart
I'm longing for your touch
and I welcome your sweet six six six in my heart
in my heart
in my heart
in my heart...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day of the moving dead (tired)

Today decided to shift my stuff to the new building. Yes folks, we are changing building . Go to office wearing my pink shirt knowing I will be sweating in half an hour.
Those boxes are not mine, i shifted mine first.

pushing the trolley

my new office

Then it was time to move the cabinet, pushed with the trolley, suddenly, oh shit. with the help of some friends, managed to carry it.

In the end =.=