Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day of the moving dead (tired)

Today decided to shift my stuff to the new building. Yes folks, we are changing building . Go to office wearing my pink shirt knowing I will be sweating in half an hour.
Those boxes are not mine, i shifted mine first.

pushing the trolley

my new office

Then it was time to move the cabinet, pushed with the trolley, suddenly, oh shit. with the help of some friends, managed to carry it.

In the end =.=


Jwo-Haur said...

Is this a "relocation" or an "expansion"?

I mean, what will happen to the old building?

SMS said...

they sold it off to usm n build a new building

Jwo-Haur said...

Yeah, I saw the new building. But it was so near the old one, I thought it was an expansion, you know, like, moving a couple of faculties to the new building to ease the congestion. :-)

So, any idea what USM will use that old building for? Secret experiments to create zombie warriors? :-p

SMS said...

USM biology school is handling the building.

Maybe some secret genetic engineering project or virus :P