Monday, March 10, 2008

College of the Dead Part 5

Sorry for the Delay, just had an election and yesterday I was on leave.

11.05 am- Smart Student House
The Smart Student got dressed in green trench coat and Cat boots. Then pushed a panel on the wall. A picture flipped over and on the wall was an array of weapons. The smart student looked on the wall, and choose several weapons.
2 H&K MP5 submachine guns with sound suppressor
2 Colt 1911 .45 Handgun
2 Glock 17 Handgun
2 AK 47s
One Katana
One Bowie knife
Twin Balisongs
10 Flash Grenade
and Tons of Bullets, 9 mm for the MP5s and 7.62 for the AKs.

Put it all in two black duffel bags. Then S (short name for Smart student, lazy to type so long :P) went to the car, a yellow Fiat Coupe, shifted into first gear and zoomed towards the college.

"Hang on X, I'm on my way"

11.05 am - Men in Black Base.
The unit have just gathered. There are 20 men in the assault team. All of them are wearing black combat helmet, black vest and boots. All of them are armed with Steyr AUG rifles plus a Sig Sauer gun as a sidearm and a combat knife as a backup.

"Men, we are on a mission to stop zombies again, stay alert" says the leader

"2 of our agents are already there as we speak, lets give them a hand"

"Let's roll" as the men got into an airplane waiting at the landing docks.

"We should have destroyed all the sources of the water of life long ago" sighed one of the member.

"We did seal it, but who knows that the seal can be broken, don't worry, we will destroy it this time" says the leader


The airplane zoomed towards the infected area..

11.05 am College of the Dead
As soon as X heard the alarm, he thought, "I need a weapon fast". So he went to the gardening shed and "borrowed" a machete from the shed and put it under his trench coat.

"Time to look for the zombies"

He carefully check classroom to classroom. "No sign of them here"

He walked pass the the toilet, he saw blood seeping under the toilet door.

"oh oh, better check this out"

X carefully pushed the door with the machete, he saw the dead student on the floor, blood everywhere.

He got close and then suddenly, the zombie jumped to attack him from one on the closed door toilet.

With great dexterity, X dodged the attack, spun to his knees and chopped off one of the legs of the zombie. The zombie fell to his knees, with a swift stroke of the machete, X cut off the head of the zombies.

"There goes one zombie, how many more are there?"

As he walked out of the toilet, he heard a scream coming from the exam hall.

The watch is now showing 11.20 am.

As X was running towards the exam hall, a yellow Fiat Coupe zoomed by and stopped at the parking lot.

To be continued ..


wolfpack said...

why din have FN P90 or...FN minimi...better ROF then mp5sd

Anonymous said...

What's with the time-telling? Is this turning into "24: Day of the Dead"? :-(

By the way, in MIB, I noticed that:
K = Kay
J = Jay

In your story, I believe the same idea applies:
"X" would be "Axe", right?
So, "S" would be...

SMS said...

Steal a bit of idea from "Vantage Point" la :P