Monday, March 31, 2008

New Shirts ^^

I was on leave today so go Gurney for a walk la.

Went to the Docker's shop and the salesman say "Welcome back friend. there are some sales today". Am I that familiar, I just see him last month =.=

Then I concluded, must be my old shirt, been wearing that since 2005. Yes folks, I am running out of shirts, only that and my "I see dead people" shirt.Old Shirt =.=

So time to hunt for new shirts I guess. And find shirts with messages again.

After hunting for a while, found 2 at queensbay. Gosh, how did I end up there? ^^

I was doing an impression of someone i know in front of the mirror ^^, then realized the message terbalik @.@

The correct message ^^. And its less that RM80 ok =.=


Jwo-Haur said...

Less than RM80 for BOTH, or less than RM80 EACH? =.=

I like the second message... that is, if you read it as an anti-war message. Which way do YOU read it?

SMS said...

I am the one that gonna be left in the end.

Well, its 69 for the first shirt, then 9 for the second shirt(special offer). Then a recycle bag for 2. to think of it, why the hell i have to pay to save the earth =.=????