Tuesday, March 18, 2008

College of the Dead part 7

"S, lay all the weapons on the table" says X.


"S, we are going down the manhole, choose your weapons, the rest we leave for the survivors here"

S choose the Glock 17, bullets for the MP5, and 4 flash grenades. Then S decided to bring lift the katana from the bag.

"Knew you are gonna pick that katana, your favorite movie is Kill Bill" smiled X.

X choose the Colt 1911, bullets for the MP5, and 4 flash grenades. Then X picked the two balisongs and put it in his pocket.

"Sorry, I forget to bring your katana" frowned S.

"Don't worry, remember the machete I borrowed" smiled X.

They distributed the rest of the weapons to the survivors.

"Be careful with that, make sure you know what you are shooting at, and try not to shoot each other in the back" advised X.

"And make sure you don't shoot any lecturers that you don't like" chipped S while smiling.

"Ok, you are in charge here, we are going down the manhole" said X to the Boss.

"Cover us, we are gonna open the main door" said X.

As they opened the door, 6 zombies that were waiting outside rushed to enter the exam hall. the Boss lifted the AK and took out three zombies. S and X shot 2 and the rest were shot by the other survivors.

S and X ran towards the field while the Boss close the door shut again.

The Boss turned and said "We need volunteers to go save the people in the management building"

"Can we let the zombies eat them up?" asked someone in the back.


"Awww, too bad" sighed them all.

"So lets plan our move"..

S and X have entered the manhole.

"What's that smell?" S asked.

"This area used to be a swamp, so thats swamp gas, which is highly flammable" X said

"Which means, no guns" said S as S took out the katana.

"Wonderful" said X as he flipped open the 2 balisongs, one in each hand.

to be continued ..


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of letting the zombies get at the management people. It's probably the only safe means of disposal. Other methods may further pollute the earth. :-p

But swamp gas in the sewer? Flatulence is probably a better explanation. :-p Equally flammable.

Better still: the zombies were suffering from excessive flatulence as a result of eating the general manager and his gang of shoe-lickers. LOL

Jwo-Haur said...

Just curious (this is not a challenge, so don't endanger yourself just because I mentioned it): in the story, your character wields two balisongs... can YOUR left hand flip open a balisong as deftly as your right (we've seen the video of your right hand doing it, so no question there).

Remember, this is NOT a challenge. :-)