Thursday, March 13, 2008

How many of you get this?

What is 9 inches long and start with a p? a shit =.=|||

How do you make a bear cross? nail 2 together >.<

How does Darth Vader know the gift he is getting from Luke Skywalker for Christmas?
He felt his presence.


Anonymous said...

I think you know how the Darth Vader one works. :-)

I'll try to explain the second one: the word "cross" in the question means either "to crossbreed" or "annoyed" (the former will be quite a task, while the latter will be a breeze, trust me). But the answer is, of course, referring to the cross as in the Roman capital punishment.

As for the first one, frankly, I thought poops come in different consistencies (yes, that is the proper word for the "conditions" of your feces), not to mention lengths. So, the first one is just a very bad joke that tries to make you say "Penis". Yes, I just said that. Go ahead and censor me. :-p

SMS said...

Actually to me, the p refer to pee. :P

Anonymous said...

Your pee won't be only nine-inch long unless you were trying to pee in the frozen wilderness of the Antarctic. :-p A nine-inch icicle hanging from you-know-what. Ouch. That's gotta hurt. X-o

SMS said...

The answer is shit la, usually people pee before they shit =.=