Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stay away from this movie!!!

I love b-grade movies, and one of the more famous sexplotation genre, is "women in prison" movies. One of the most famous Japanese "women in prison" movie is Female Prisoner Scorpio. I did a review of the newer version of that film, Sasori.

So I knew I was in trouble when I saw a dvd called "Female Prisoner Sigma", so decided to get it. Some more the cover looks so interesting.

"In a place beyond hell..she must face the ultimate horror", that line got my attention.

As a fan of bad movies, I knew the risks of getting one, sometime you see something so bad that you want commit sepukku with a butter knife.

The prison looked like a gymnasium or just an office corner. Place beyond hell?? But again work is hell...

Now for the torture part....

Ha, you call this torture???? Where is the gag ball? Electric shock?? Pins??. Its not torture if you don't have hot candle (the red one, you know what I am talking about, you perverts :P), I WANT THOSE.

10 minutes later, still no torture, she's not even naked...:P. Fast forward

20 minutes later, NOTHING, this is torture to watch..Fast forward..

Finally some torture, but not even a drop of blood...boooo

The ultimate horror is an old man in what looks like a monk's suit...

Damn, where did I put my butter knife???

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adventures in Sex City

I was minding my own business when I got an e mail from my friend, asking me to review this game. Believe it or not, it was developed by Middlesex-London Health Unit to educate people on sex.

Ha, finally someone created an educational hentai game thar I have been proposing for so long. Not really hentai, but using the game to teach people. One day, the computer will take over the world, but I am prepared for it by keeping all my knives in a safe place. Just call me John Connor...Oh, where was I, back to the game...

Just to prove I am not kidding you all...

We have 4 damn hillirious characters for you to choose from....

The battle style is you answer a set of questions, if you get it correct, it will reduce the Sperminator's power.

If you get the answer wrong, you will get splattered...

Some fun random facts for you all..

A farewell, a return, a fishy story and Miss Chief

Today is Anwar's last day at the college. Wish him all the best with his new job. Took a farewell picture with him (photographer: Weilin)

First Attempt: She was fumbling with my camera, as I moved forward to help, she press the shot button, the result =.=

Second Attempt: People not ready yet. See Anwar's blur face ^^

Finally she got it right..ha ha

My Guess watch is back in action, but it cost me over RM200 to repair it. Actually the whole gear mechanism has been replaced, so feels like old car with new engine. So now got one classic watch and one automatic watch.

Had salmon sashimi for dinner tonight. Its wonderful..

Was in Jusco buying supplies, when I saw this bottle, cute right?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cool Shirt

I like this shirt, it looks cool, ha ha. The face blurred at the request of the owner.

Now everyone can sue

Speechless.I asked my lawyer friend, he says anyone can sue but whether the case got merit or not is another story,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Undertaker's Pyro Accident

This has created a buzz in the wrestling internet world. During the entrance of Undertaker at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View on Sunday, he was almost burnt by the pyro effect. To say burnt was an understatement, his hat and jacket caught fire, so he quickly took it off and ran to the ring. He was seen later pouring water on his arm. The amazing thing is he completed the match, before going back and only then scolded the pyro technician. Well, I guess that proves how tough the real Undertaker is.

Here is some pictures taken by one Cody Drennen.

Slave Maker Review

This is an old game, and I had made a previous mini review, but I am totally pissed after marking some test papers, so I decided to make a more comprehensive review.

Easy mode - no problems, normal mode - a bit of problem like slave will run away if too tired (around 20%), hard mode - you are screwed, all the girl stats are super low.

There are 2 important buttons, Action and Planning. Action is for buying stuff like dress or go to the shops or walk around.

The dress is important to increase the stats, but you need $$$ to buy the dress.

You can set the rules for your slave.

There are two kinds of activity, day activity (3) and night activity (3).

The activities on the left are free, in the middle cost 50 gold and on the right will gain you money. Don't forget the break if the tiredness is high, otherwise your slave will fall sick or run away.

Certain activity increase certain stats, while decreasing certain stats. For example, if you ask her to practice make-up, it will lower then intelligence. Don't look at me, I did not design this game ok. Stats in red are decreasing.

Sometimes, a traveling salesman will sell you stuff that will aid you so make sure you have some money.

Warning, don't get the Nymphomania stats too high, otherwise you will get the same ending no matter what are the other stats.

Have some money to bribe people too.

Some of the ending does not really make sense.

Nymphomania 0 how can be sex addict????

Morality and Refinement so high get this ending???

Unfortunately the developer lost all his work when his pc crashed and now he is busy with his sim brothel project, so there is no more update to this game.

Who says gamers are just mindless people, there is an effort to reverse engineer the game and modify the codes.