Thursday, August 20, 2009


When I watch this movie, I had a deja vu of the Japanese movie, Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion. Even the character name was the same, Nami Matsushima, gasp, is it a remake of the original movie. Even the title Sasori- when translated means Scorpion.

Yup, she is prisoner 701 =.=

The original movie in 1972

Meiko Kaji was cuter...

However the storyline was a bit different. Our heroin was threatened by a group of killers to kill her fiance's sister. I don't get this, they were so tough but need to threat a third person into killing someone. It does not compute...

I think this movie is a join Chinese-Japanese effort. Some of the bad guys..

Of course things went bad...

And she was thrown in the most brutal jail on kidding. They have cage fights

Slimy warden

And some torture device

Eventually she became tougher because of all these fights. She managed to escape and was saved by Corpse kidding

Corpse Collector trained her in kung, I should say fighting skills since she is Japanese actually.

This is a kung fu stance ok..

And he gave her a katana. Where are all these people getting katanas from???

Now its revenge time...

"You and I have unfinished business" - The Bride -Kill Bill Vol 2.

Recommended to people who enjoy this kind of movies. Don't say i did not warn you.

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