Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Planet Terror Part 1

I promised to write about Planet Terror yesterday, but after reviewing the movie, I feel it does not do justice to write in in a single review, too many things to write and the flow will not be smooth. Therefore I decided to divide it into part one and part two.

Cool company name.

A lot has been written about how zombie movies are actually social commentary, Like George Romero's Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead. Or the best in The Night of the Living Dead where the hero was black (it was a big deal back then OK), survived the zombie attack only to be shot by humans. They relate it to the struggle of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. But I'm drifting here, we can talk about that in another writing.

It started with the military meeting with some scientists to get their hand on a biological weapon. Its interesting how much distrust we have over people of authority, but I don't blame them. A lot of people don't understand that perception is more important than what is the truth. For example, you might built a RM24 million bungalow when you were in power, even if its your money, it creates suspicion. Then when people ask, you or your supporters answer arrogantly that a lot of people make a lot of money. What they don't understand is some farmers get like 300 per months and they had the balls to say that.

Now my blog is a social commentary too =.=

Back to the meeting, the military leader was..

Bruce Willis..and his name was not even displayed at the start

Like all black ops operation, things turn out for the worst and there was a shootout..

Ooops..Biological Weapon Tank was shot in the crossfire.

There goes the neighborhood..

And the town nearby...

Meanwhile, back at town, there were some activities. One of our heroins..

Works at the hospital..

One of my greatest phobia is injection needle + how the nurse look. But if the nurse is like this I don't mind getting my shots daily..

Some patients have been exposed to the gas and seek treatment at the hospital.

This is not a good thing when it happens. Blood spurting patient.

You are so DEAD when this happens in a zombie movie....Car break down in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

Our hero was driving his ex girlfriend home (the second heroin), when a zombie suddenly cross the road and caused the car to turn over, then the zombies grabbed the ex girlfriend. What is our hero to do, being an all American American, of course take out his rifle with night vision scope and go after her.

He managed to save her, but she was seriously injured..

He brought her to the hospital and was arrested by the police cause no one believe his story until a horde of zombies attack the police station.

Our hero rushed back in the tow truck to save his ex girlfriend at the hospital, and all the police followed him, I guess they don't know what else to do..

Since the police don't want to give him a gun, our hero took out his two balisongs..

I used to have 4 balisongs, I broke one, I gave one away, I lost one and now i just have my last balisong. And I cannot find it on sale anymore. Have to go to "underground" shop I guess...

Opps..sorry, I thought you were a zombie =.=

This is so gonna hurt your next year bonus..

Killing zombie with two balisongs

Escape from the hospital..

To be concluded in Part 2..

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