Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random thoughts

Today there is no fancy picture or videos. Its just my feeling from the bottom of my heart..

I took 6 days of leave after the final exams. I guess the toll of last semester finally got to me. Even after 5 days, I am still feeling tired and burned out. Do you think lecturers like to fail students? The answer is no, we will try our best by reviewing the assignments and exam paper just to find the "extra" marks. For 1 person, I reviewed his exam paper like 10 times.

Some of my students who just got back from overseas found jobs already. I guess the economic situation is not so bad anymore. Actually during the semester, my mind is focused on the class at hand and I have no time to think about other stuff. But when I am free, then my mind wanders, and I keep thinking, is this worth doing anymore? Is it really worth it? Maybe I found the answers already. All those failed i hope you all remember, I gave you 14 weeks of chance to study and ask questions but you did not give me chance in the final exam....

I feel like buying new clothes for the new semester, but I feel none of you are worthy of my new clothes. So I did not buy yet. This morning I went to Gurney, the salesgirl told me, don't buy today, buy tomorrow because tomorrow we give vouchers. I will consider, ha ha. Actually I was looking at the clothes, but none really attract me.

And it rained heavily today. I was soaked like 3 times. First when i was from gurney to queensbay. Then from queensbay to home. And at night it rained again, and i went out to buy food. I guess its really time for me to seriously consider a car. There is a limit to everything..

See you all in the hell semester. I guess those people that arranged the timetable never even taught for one hour. Just like our education minister...

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