Monday, August 17, 2009

Planet Terror Review (planned)

I am extremely tired cause of marking paper these few days, but since I am free, I feel like writing another movie review tonight. But since I want to start at 11pm, it was kinda late already, and to capture the screen and write the reviews will at least take 2 hours, I will do it tomorrow.

So tonight just capture a few screenshots. I feel the best software to capture screen shots is still AsusDvd software in my old pc. The new one, if I use certain software to capture the screen, the image will be blur. Can anyone advise me what software is suitable? Using XnView but still face this problem.

Using AsusDvd software..

Can see the difference. Even if i use screen capture command and paste in paint, still face the same problem.

There is a "fake" trailer before the Planet Terror movie, its called "Machete", but it sure is damn cool looking..

If you lived in the 70s and 80s, you would have seen this kind of screen in the cinema...

Fake trailer, but lotsa people like it, hopefully they will make a full length movie out of it.

I always want to do that while playing "House of the Dead 3"

Hopefully you will never see me do that =.=

Minigun mayhem

The main problem now is my new pc is faster but cannot capture screenshots and my old pc is slower but the screenshots are perfect. Anyone can advice me on the software to use to capture screens?

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