Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to Hometown..

Just arrived back in Penang after 2 days away. I went back to my hometown this weekend..

Saturday morning, at the office for meeting, the weather was bad again...Always dreaded meetings..sigh.

After the meeting, went back via the highway, and it was going to rain again...

Managed to outrun the rain. Actually my bike has undergone repair, and it seems jerky at low speed, but when i go fast it seems no problem...

Nothing much to do at home, just sit and read magazines. Here are some random pics from home..

My cat

Then suddenly I saw this, I bet a lot of you never seen a rhinoceros beetle before.

Today is Merdeka Day for Malaysia. When I ponder back at the fight for independence, I truly believe the politicians of yesteryear were more honest than the one today. That is the feeling that I have.

20 more days of fasting before Raya...

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