Monday, August 3, 2009

Amy's hanabi taikai in Japan

I am writing this story on behalf of Amy cause she lazy to write long story.. ha ha. Amy bought a yukata like 2 months ago and was dying to try wear it outside, and what best way to wear a yukata than on hanabi taikaii. By the way, bon odori was celebrated in Malaysia 2 weeks earlier in Malaysia

Dividing the time between her studies and a job at convenient store must be tough, so hanabi taikai is the time to relax and enjoy herself. She told me a lot of funny stories where men would stand and browse at the adult book section. Just imagine like the Sin Chan cartoon, if you wish..ha ha.

So excited until cannot sleep the night before hanabi taikai..ha ha

With her Korean housemate...

More people than at the Esplanade, Penang

Either in Malaysia or Japan, there are always photographers taking pictures in these kind of events, and some idiot blocking your shot..(ruined my cosplay picture T.T)


Nothing to do with hanabi taikai but i think this picture is damn kawaii..ha ha.

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