Monday, August 24, 2009

Things to ponder...

Once, I swear i will not get involved in these kind of matters, cause I always get burned by it, and in the end, there is no real black or white in this world.

But this issue has left me feeling uneasy, so I will have to speak up again. And before people start jumping blasphemy, let me state that I am a Muslim OK.

It all started with a so called model being fined and whipped for drinking alcohol. At the point of time, I have no problem with the sentence, even though I feel that certain things are not meant to be taught through punishment. How many of you were caned during school, and did the cane really change you? Think about that..

The catch is that she can only be caned inside the prison, and then they set out an arrest warrant for her to be "put" in prison so the sentence can be legally made. This left a bad taste in my mouth, since they improvised to make the sentence legal. You should not bend the rules to your advantage, that's why I feel bad about it. That is not right..

Before everyone starts jumping, I am not defending her for drinking alcohol, I am against this kind of flip flop justice. If you have the guts to sentence her, why not just let the judge can her, why do you have to hide behind the prison protocol...

And now we have this situation that will involve "face" and I feel its a lose-lose situation. If you don't cane her, people say the law is a joke, and if you cane her, a lot of people will say its cruel. and against the law (because of the prison stay). You should not have put your self in this situation in the first place.

Even the Prime Minister is hoping that she appeals...

So let the purist jump and say this is a punishment of God, I just want to ask, do you think by whipping her, you can stop people from drinking alcohol, or make the religion better?

Religious and pious people can leave comments here, other just watch and you can cry if you wish, or laugh if you wish.

Sorry my blog is so serious today..


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