Thursday, April 28, 2011

13 Assassins

Takashi Miike is one of Japan's most famous director with movies like Ichi the Killer, Izo, Imprint and Sukiyaki Western Django. The west loves his movies, but honestly I don't get some of the film like Izo. I can watch it a 100 times and still not get it.

Thankfully, his latest movie, 13 Assassins, is not that hard to follow, and I recommend it to any chanbara movie fans.
Lord Naritsugu, the Shogun brother is a cruel and oppressive ruler, next in line to become the Shogun. The Shogun asked the matter to be settled quietly when Mamiya committed suicide to object Lord Nagitsuku's cruelty.
Sir Doi, realizing that disaster will befall the people when Lord Naritsugu becomes Shogun, decided to hire some assassins to kill him.
Makino tells the tale how his daughter in law was raped and his son was killed by Lord Naritsugu when he was hosting the shogun's brother for a visit.
Then one girl who was another victim.
When asked what happened to the rest of her family, she wrote.
Her tongue has been cut off too.

Meanwhile, Lord Naritsugu is killing all of Mamiya's family as retribution.
Hanbei realized that Sir Doi is too honorable to lets things be.
Meanwhile, Shinzaemon is gathering his people.
The time of the attack is when Lord Naritsugu makes his travel from Edo to Akashi.

Shinzaemon visits his niece who decided to join him.
Now, that's how you say goodbye the man's

More people are joining Shinzaemon until they have 12 people.
Soon, they receive news of Lord Naritsugu's departure, plus a visit from Hanbei
 I love it when people hide behind the wall, sword ready.
 Soon they will be fighting.

The assassins choose Ochiai as the place of ambush and asked for the help of Makino, who's son and daughter in law were murdered by Lord Naritsugu to block the way so that he has to pass Ochiai..
They also bought the whole town of Ochiai, so the people will move out by bribing them.
They split into two groups, but after one group is attacked by hired hands, they decided to take a shortcut through the jungle.
While walking in the jungle, they found someone who was hanging in a trap.
Meanwhile, Lord Naritsugu's way has been blocked.
Meanwhile, the assassins have turn Ochiai into a place full of trap, like the scene from Conan the barbarian. The hunter wants to stay with the assassins.
Finally Lord Naritsugu arrived with extra soldiers, and its time to fight.
They have some town people stay back and make the town look normal and only attack when the whole group has entered town.
What follows is 45 minutes of sword fight that is too awesome (and fast too capture). You have to see it so believe it.In the end only a few were left standing, Shinzaemon and his niece on one side.
Hanbei, Lord Naritsugu and two bodyguards on the other side.
Shinzaemon defeated Hanbei, and was stabbed by Lord Naritsugu, who in return was also stabbed.
In the end, only 2 were left standing. A highly recommended movie for chanbara fans.

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